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How to Weatherize Windows with Plastic Film Insulation

Winter is coming.

Are you ready?

Our homes all need a little TLC before the first snow.

And this tutorial is going to help you keep heating bills low by adding window insulation.

Plastic film insulation kits cost 10-$20 and you’ll be able to insulate multiple windows.

One of our awesome community members also gave me a mind blowing tip that adds even more insulation value for only $5.

I’m pumped to share this tutorial because there’s nothing like a cozy home in the winter :D KEEP READING

DIY Gel Fire Pits

Need a conversation starter?

This tutorial will give you one.

I’m always up for building cool stuff to make our patio more inviting.

Since I’m also a penny pincher I like to figure out how to DIY these things and get a cool result.

Cement DIY gel fire pits like the one I made are super easy to build, don’t cost a ton, and add sizzle to your outdoor space.

This project took me one day and I’m stoked to show you the details!!!! KEEP READING


How to Clean a Bathtub FAST!!!

How to Clean a Bathtub FAST

How much time do you really have to clean?

Not much.

That’s why I try to come up with great ideas to make cleaning easy.

I get inspiration from all over the place.

One spot I love visiting is the automotive section of stores.

Last week I found this awesome drill attachment called Mothers PowerBall.

First off, it has the BEST name ever.

What has me even more excited is how you can use the PowerBall to clean a bathtub quickly.

I think you’ll love this idea – it could be the newest way to clean your tub and entire bathroom!!


Staining Pressure Treated Wood

Staining wood can be a PAIN!

The only thing that’s worse is stripping it in 2-3 years!!!


I have a 10 year old retaining wall that’s made from pressure treated wood.

It’s in great shape and I’d like to keep it that way for years to come.

After a little research and some talking with store associates I decided to use Olympic Elite Woodland Oil.

I’m excited to show you the results. Before and after pictures are always FUN :D KEEP READING

Yale Digital Door Lock

Cars are going keyless so why not houses?

If my 10 and 11 year old daughters love the Yale digital door lock you might too.

I installed one because our kids are getting older and need a reliable way to get into the house.

And let’s just say I’m not totally convinced they can keep track of keys.

I installed this lock in about 30 minutes on a Saturday morning and know  you could do the same thing.

Check out the tutorial to see how cool it is. Plus, there’s a tiny surprise at the end — don’t miss out!! KEEP READING