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How to clean a greasy range hood

Have you ever tried to clean grease off your range hood and asked yourself, “Is there a better way to do this?”.

Well this week I discovered an amazing product you need to check out.

Especially if you start to notice funky smells coming from above your stove – like I did this past weekend!!!

Your range hood, if working right, is suppose to pull all the fumes from your stove top. Over time the hood and filter will develop a stinky greasy residue that can attract insects.


Maybe you’ve cleaned this before but it took more effort than you’d like. I’m all about saving time, getting amazing results, and sharing with my friends.

I feel like a kid on Christmas day because I’m so pumped to show you my results. Let’s get to it!!!

How to replace an old thermostat

It’s remarkable how many ways you can lower your utility bills.

Add more insulation, install better windows, get a more efficient HVAC system, etc.

Improvements like these cost just a bit of money though!!!

For real, I recently priced out a medium grade window and it cost $250.

Last week I had to run over to help my tenant Rich because his thermostat was on the fritz. After 15 minutes he had a new programmable thermostat at his figure tips.

I wanted to show you this tutorial so you could see how easy this project is to do.

The programmable thermostat I installed cost all of $25. You can get the same one and instantly start saving money. Let me show you how :)


Ceiling Fan Light Repair

Do you like saving money?

Of course you do, right!!!

If you said no then you’re in the wrong place, haha.

A few weeks back my awesome tenant called to say her ceiling fan light wasn’t working.

At the time I was way too busy to fix it and tried calling my electrician. Turns out he was knee deep in work, which is often the case in July.

After a little investigating I was able to replace the pull chain for a meager $4 but only after making a fatal mistake that cost me $50.

Today you’ll discover how easy ceiling fan light repair can be and how you can save a lot of dinero by DIYing.

And YES, I’ll share my expensive bone-headed blunder.


Kitchen Storage Solutions 1

It’s safe to say we all want cool kitchen storage solutions.

And I’ve a got an awesome one.

Is it hard for you to find stuff in your kitchen cabinets – especially items in the way way back?

I felt this way with our kitchen sink and decided to build sliding trays.

If you’ve got some basic tools you can totally do this project.

In today’s tutorial you’ll learn how to build two sliding trays for under $120, discover priceless carpentry tips, and optimize your kitchen cabinet storage.

I’m so stoked to share this with you, plus I’ve got a giveaway you won’t want to miss :)


Fix Popped Drywall Screws

Drywall repair can be a headache.

For me it’s the pain of waiting for the darn joint compound to dry.

I’ve got two active kids who play sports and attend more birthday parities than Ronald McDonald!

So I can’t be messing around with DIY projects all day (even though I could because of my HUGE to do list).

Last weekend I repaired a nail pop in our bathroom wall and I wanted to show you the 5 minute joint compound that made this a fast fix.

You’ll also learn several sheetrock repair tips that’ll come in handy, especially if you’re prone to damaging walls – LOL.