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Ridgid Installer Tool

Working under a sink is a pain in the BUTT.

It’s cramped, dark, and sometimes stinky.

Last week I got a request from one of our community members.

Adam wanted to know the easiest way to replace faucet supply lines.

Today’s tutorial is going to answer his question and show you why you’ll love this tool…

The Ridgid Faucet and Sink Installer

I like sharing anything that makes life easier.

If you need to do any plumbing work in your bathroom you need to check out this tool :D


Get Rid of Spiders

My wife is deathly afraid of spiders.

Unfortunately we get little visitors every spring.

Last April I was sitting in the living room and suddenly heard my wife scream.

After running upstairs I found her pointing to a huge black spider on the ceiling.

Thank goodness arachnophobia doesn’t run in my blood line.

Today I’m going to share a new long lasting spider repellant I just tried out.

You might wanna keep reading if you don’t like furry 8 legged visitors… KEEP READING

Fix Large Holes in Walls

Having large holes in your wall isn’t good.

Water leaks, kids playing, clumsy husbands…

They create drywall disasters.

This past weekend I needed to install a pedestal sink.

To do that I had to add wood blocking to the stud bay in the bathroom.

My wall had a gaping hole in it when I was done.

In a few hours I got the wall looking better than new.

I’ll show you how I did it in today’s tutorial  :D KEEP READING

How to install the wink hub

Last weekend I saw the future of home automation.

It’s called the Wink Hub.

After some research I bought one for $50.

The Wink Hub allows you to control locks, lights, garage doors, thermostats and more with your smart phone.

It can solve a lot of problems.

For example, not knowing if you closed the garage door while at work or if the lights were left on by kids!!

Today I’ll show you why I got the Hub and how it solved a light issue in my house.

I was a tad bit excited to share this with my wife.

There’s a surprise at the end of the post so don’t miss it :D KEEP READING

How to wire an electrical outlet

The genesis of this tutorial began on Super Bowl Sunday.

Two of my friends asked me to do a tutorial on wiring an outlet.

So you should thank them, lol.

This project isn’t hard but can be scary if you’ve never done it before.

Today you’ll see just how easy it can be to wire an outlet.

I’ll give you tons of tips and tell you about a cool tool give away.