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SmartThings Home Automation

The house next to us got robbed.

It was scary.

I decided to do something about it and share that with you today.

You’ll see how I set up the SmartThings home automation system to monitor our home and kids.

And unlike traditional home security systems there’s no monthly fee.

Today’s tutorial unveils the SmartThings Smarter Home Starter Kit and there’s a sweet giveaway you don’t want to miss 😀


Fix Copper Pipes in 10 Minutes

Pipe leaks can cost thousands of dollars.


We’ve owned our home for 8 years and had 4 different copper pipe leaks.

The first time I called our plumber and he soldered in a new section of pipe for $97.

Second time around I soldered the pipe myself.

You might be thinking this will never happen, but I’m here to say it will.

And unfortunately the odds are pretty good that your leak will be over the weekend, in the evening, or during a holiday.

If you’re unfamiliar with Murphy’s Law just Google it, lol.

Today’s tutorial shares how to fix a pinhole leak in a copper pipe in less than 10 minutes.

Not many people know about this little product so you’re lucky 😀


BD Jigsaw HRT

I’m a tool junky.

Anytime I can test something new and share it with you I’m all in.

A few years back I installed bamboo laminate in a living room for a rental home.

The only saw I used was a jigsaw with special laminate blade.

That was an eye opener.

If you have the ONE right tool you can totally do a huge project without spending gobs of money.

Today’s tutorial unboxes the new Black & Decker jigsaw, and YES, there’s a sweet surprise at the end 😀 KEEP READING

Wine Bottle Tiki Torch

Spring is here and thank goodness.

It snowed in the third week of April, I almost didn’t believe it!!!

But spring season is so beautiful here in Pittsburgh, so a little snow isn’t all that bad.

Tiki torches are a great way to spice up your outdoor space.

Today’s tutorial will show you how to build a DIY wine bottle tiki torch in less than 30 minutes.

The one I built is a table top tiki torch that won’t blow away in the wind.

This is a inexpensive and easy way to make your outdoor area more fun 😀 KEEP READING

How to Find a Stud in the Wall

When I find cool tools I instantly share them.

So last weekend I was doing some work in our bathroom.

Installing a pedestal sink to be precise.

I thought I found the stud locations but apparently my stud finder was asleep at the wheel.


Had I gotten the tool I’m going to show you today I probably wouldn’t have torn a hole in my wall.

Don’t miss out on the surprise at the end of this tutorial (or sneak to the bottom, haha). KEEP READING