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Garage Door Opener Installation

There’s one reason you’re seeing this tutorial today.

My wife.

Her garage door opener died about 4 weeks ago.

She told me that if I didn’t fix it I’d, ahem.., be sleeping in garage.

So, with that subtle hint I decided to do her garage door opener installation this past weekend.

You’re in luck since I also made a video tutorial showing you every step.

You can totally do this project but don’t miss the tips or the cool giveaway!! KEEP READING

How to Clean an Oven

Do you know how to clean an oven?

This is probably one of the scariest kitchen cleaning tasks.

A lot of us might have self-cleaning oven but are afraid to press the button.

I don’t blame you because ovens get scorching hot (over 900 F) when they self-clean.

This tutorial will show you how to remove grease and grime from your oven by using a few basic products.

You might even have one in your kitchen right now!

How long do you think all this will take?

Let’s dive into this cleaning chore so that you can see some shortcuts :D KEEP READING

Make Rustic Picture Frames HRT

As I write this the holidays are approaching FAST.

This is the best time of year to show off pictures.

And maybe your DIY skills, too.

This past weekend, okay maybe two weekends ago, I saw a really cool idea on Pinterest.

So I did what any savvy DIYer does…modify it.

I took one piece of wood and made a really cool rustic picture frame.

This is an easy 1 day project.

Plus, there’s another awesome tool giveaway this week (don’t miss out):D KEEP READING

How to Clean a Garbage Disposal

Do you have a stinky kitchen sink?

If you do, there are several ways to stop nasty odors.

Just last week my good buddy complained about his garbage disposal stinking to high heaven.

Since the holidays are approaching I decided to put together a little tutorial.

Today you’ll learn 4 tips that’ll show you how to clean a garbage disposal.

Instead of smelling awful odors you can enjoy the wonderful sent of chocolate chip cookies.

Hmm, maybe I’ll have to include a good cookie recipe at the end of this post… KEEP READING

Stop Your Mirror from Fogging Up

It’s time to whip out the long johns!!!

Yesterday it was sunny and 68F in Pittsburgh.

Today it’s hovering around 30F and snowing.

Well, that’s Pittsburgh for you, haha.

I have to laugh a little because I’ve lived here since I was a young lad who watched the A-Team.

There’s nothing like a nice warm shower on a cold winter morning.

But this also causes our mirrors to fog up.

So today I’ll be tackling how to stop your mirror from fogging up.

This might be a great solution for you :D