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How to Paint Straight Ceiling Lines

My Mom cringed when she saw our orange dining room.

She just isn’t use to strong colors but after a few years she decided it was a great choice.

Painting walls any color other than white can be a real challenge.

Especially if the colors are bold like orange, yellow, blue, or even RED!!!

The tricky part, at least for me, is getting a straight line between the white ceiling and wall.

Good news, you don’t have to be Picasso to learn this.

And you can cheat a little by using the right supplies – which cost only $27 and can be used for years!!

Last weekend I had to paint a bathroom ceiling. So I decided to share all my tips and show you how to paint a straight ceiling line without using painter’s tape.

I’m fired up because I think you’ll get a better paint job after this tutorial. Plus I’ve got a special surprise at the end. Let’s get started :) KEEP READING

Best Way to Remove Wallpaper

The best way to remove wallpaper without chemicals is steam.

We bought a Wagner steamer about 7 years ago to remove butt ugly wallpaper.

After a few days of work I my wife declared the steamer was her favorite tool ever!!

Yes, it works that well.

You might have a different opinion on what works for wallpaper removal.

After reading this post and watching my video please add your 2 cents to the  comments, but I think you’ll be impressed with my methods :) KEEP READING

Fiber Fix

Fiber Fix is one of the coolest products I’ve ever used.

I recently discovered it at the cash register while at the local hardware store.

And I decided to use it to fix my hammer after reading the box.

Fiber Fix is like duck tape on steroids, you can mend anything with it – splintered wood, broken pipes, car hoses, your daughter’s bicycle (oops on this last one).

The best part is that it doesn’t break the bank. A 2 inch wide roll costs about $9.

I’m stoked to show you this tutorial since I have a feeling you have something that could use a little TLC.

By the end of this tutorial I promise you’ll be humming the MacGyver theme song. So let’s get started :)

Fix Small Holes in Walls.jpg

How do you fix small holes in the wall?

Stuffing aluminum foil or toilet paper into the void isn’t exactly a good solution.

And it probably won’t go over so well with your spouse or landlord.

Although the look on their face would be a Kodak moment for sure.

In this post I’m going to share a little known way to fix this problem.

It doesn’t require a ton of money or supplies and will make your wall look like new.

So let’s get started and by the end you’ll be a drywall repair expert :)


How to Replace a Cracked Tile

How much do you think it costs to have a handyman replace a tile?

I’m willing to bet it’s close to what you’ll pay for a nice dinner out.

So maybe $50 to $100.

Sound fair.

There’s nothing wrong with paying a pro.

But what if you could do it yourself, save that money, have a perfect fix, and neighborhood bragging rights?

Who’s to say you won’t do a better job than the person you’ll call in the Yellow Pages?

I know you can replace your cracked tile because you’ve got guts and passion.

Don’t let your fear of making a mistake hold you back.

I’ll break down this project one step at a time so that it’s simple and easy to follow. Much like the directions to assembling a bicycle but BETTER :)

In the end you’ll be amazed at what you can do with a hammer, chisel, and some patience.

Replacing a tile only takes 1 day and I promise you can go to a nice relaxing wine infused (or beer infused in my case) dinner with the money you save!  KEEP READING