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Flush Valve Repair Kit for Running Toilets

Super Fast & Super Easy

by Jeff Patterson in Bathroom Plumbing

Running toilets waste water and can cost lots of money. Many solutions exist and today’s tutorial is one option. It specifically addresses faulty flush valve seats.

What the heck are flush valve seats? They’re the part of the flush valve where flappers rest and create a watertight seal. Basically toilet handles are pushed down, flappers rise up, and water flows down the flush valve into the toilet bowl. This causes toilet bowls to empty.

When the flapper lowers back down onto the flush valve seat it creates a seal and allows water to fill the tank via the fill valve.

But sometimes the flush valve seat can corrode over time and this causes water to leak prematurely into the flush valve. That in turn causes the toilet fill valve to constantly run.

Our tutorial shares how to use Fluidmaster’s Flush Valve Repair Kit to solve this problem.

Let’s dive in!