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Life is a Journey

What is Home Repair Tutor? And why should you care?

Home Repair Tutor is a place where homeowners learn how to remodel a bathroom easier, faster, and better.

I’m Jeff Patterson, a handyman based out of Pittsburgh, PA – Go Pens!

Whether you’re waterproofing a shower, setting tile, or need help building a dream bathroom we have a lot of great info.

Browse the site and feel free to comment or email me. I enjoy helping our fans.


How Did Home Repair Tutor Begin?

16 years ago my wife and I bought our first home. We were pumped

Plus my wife was pregnant with our first daughter Meg. Life was fantastic.

But life happens:

In the first 6 months, we had to replace the boiler, hot water tank and roof!!!

Money was tight after that.

In order to make things work I had to do a lot of repairs myself. I subsequently learned to love DIY and become a handyman.

My love for working on homes led to us buying several rentals. All of them needed extensive remodeling. And as a consequence, I quickly became more adept at remodeling.

In that same timeframe we had another beautiful daughter and became savvy homeowners here in Pittsburgh (Go Steelers).

We saved a ton of money by repairing things.

That’s when a a light bulb went off…I should make tutorials so others can learn with me!!!

This idea was the impetus behind Home Repair Tutor.

In the last 10 years, I’ve created hundreds of user-friendly step-by-step tutorials.

My YouTube channel has amassed over 60,000,000 video views with 328,000 subscribers. And HRT gets more than 150,000 unique visitors each month.

I encourage you to check out HRT. And any time you have a question just send me an email ([email protected]).


Jeff Patterson

  1. Brenda says:

    Hi Jeff! Found you on HomeTalk, and am glad that I followed you to your blog. So much great info! I’m in Pittsburgh too – my husband (mostly) and I are on our second (and he says last) fixer-upper!
    Glad to have found your blog!

    1. Jeff says:

      Thanks Brenda, fixing any home is a challenge, especially older ones in Pittsburgh. Thanks for checking out HRT. I hope you had a good Monday 🙂

      1. Roger says:

        Hey brother, do you do residential shower renovations. ? I am in Tennessee.
        U.S. Army Staff Sergeant/Ret

  2. Hey Jeff,

    Thanks for commenting on OPC. I clicked through, and that’s how I found HRT. I always enjoy meeting other site owners and connecting with people who love home improvement. Good luck with HRT, and I hope to see you around OPC again.

    1. You’re welcome Steve, thanks for dropping by. Let me know if I can help you in any way.

      The Ditra tutorial you have is fantastic and super helpful.

  3. HI Jeff,

    I enjoy following your posts on my facebook company page. I am a contractor who specializes in custom copper sheet metal work and ice dam prevention systems. While these might not be considered DIY projects, I like your tips for stuff around my own home. Keep up the great content.

    1. Thanks Greg for your encouraging words.

      You’re an artist if you work with custom copper sheet metal, that’s tough work.

      I viewed some of your projects in your website’s gallery and you do stunning stuff. Absolutely beautiful.

      If we could afford it I’d implement some of your concepts 😉

      1. Vivian Peters says:

        to print instructions, kindly remove all irrelevant pics etc. wastes ink and paper. thank you.

  4. Mary Rose says:


    I have well water that left lime scales in my brown and beige veined marble shower walls. The walls are all streaked and discolored. I also have the lime scale and soap scum on the floor. I tried cleaning with marble cleaners for residential use at no avail.

    I get a shine for a couple of hours without removing streaks or build up…I am not sure what to do to restore my beautiful marble shower. I wash and dry the walls after each shower and I have a water softener installed and maintained. but no help. I am very confused about all kind of products I found on the internet to remove soap and lime scale build up but not sure if they work. I’d like to do it myself. Help!!!!

    1. Hi Mary Rose,

      So sorry to hear about your bathroom issue.

      I personally haven’t dealt with this because we don’t have marble :), but this article might help you out.

      Just make sure to always be safe when using chemicals, which means to buy a respirator rated for your project and to have plenty of ventilation.

      Click on this link to see the article

  5. Connie says:

    Can’t wait to try some of your tips! My husband & I are new home owners. I am always looking for easy home repairs, as well as cleaning solutions. I am actually looking forward to cleaning my shower doors with your ideas & those of your readers. Cleaning does feel like a chemistry experiment at times!

    1. Congrats Connie on your new home purchase!! That’s awesome news, it’s a new chapter in your life and if I can help in any way please let me know. I totally agree that cleaning feels like a long drawn out chemistry class. Hopefully without any minor explosions-LOL.

      1. Vicky Steffani says:

        Jeff, This is just a guess, but I’m thinking the Flapper was so named because it mimics the way flappers used to flip their skirts giving a peek underneath. ?! I have to look it up now to see if I guessed right! 😉

        1. Vicky Steffani says:

          Dude! It was the chain, problem solved – You Rock!! Thanks JP 🙂

          1. Sweet, great job Vicky. Funny how it’s the simplest things that create problems. Super happy you figured it out. Great job!!

        2. Maybe, that sounds like a good explanation. Let me know!!

  6. Chris Blank says:

    Read about your site from handyman magazine. I’m always glad to hear about another resource of home improvement tips and ideas. Our home was built in 1928 and we are in the process of kitchen renovations this summer. Next year is the bathroom, and on and on it goes! I’m sort of a newbie to DIY but also eager to improve my knowledge and skills, and i’m certain that oyur site will lend to that.

    1. Hi Chris,

      Thanks for checking in. Sounds like you’ll have a lot if projects ahead!! Definitely let me know if you have any questions. I may not have all the answers but certainly would try to help you in any way. Make sure you take some before pics so that you can compare the final look. What are you most excited about doing first?


  7. Sunil says:

    Hi Jeff,

    I saw your tips on Handyman mag. And that brought me to HRT. I always refer to video tutorials to fix just about anything at home and the two rental homes we have. As you rightly said, with some knowledge gaining mistakes along the way, I have been hugely successful in saving lots of money in small fixes. Along the way I also have a good collection of tools. And thanks for putting together HRT. Priceless is the experiences shared.


    1. Hey Sunil,

      Thanks so much, it’s amazing how much money you can save with DIY. If you have any tips that have served you well with your rentals or own home let me know. I love learning new stuff!! You’ve got a new DIY buddy in me and always feel free to email me any time.



  8. Rachel Platiau says:

    Hi Jeff, I am new to your website and truly like it so much! How can I be placed on your mailing list? Thanks. – Rachel Platiau

    1. Hi Rachel,

      You can sign up via the form on the right side bar or I can add you. How about this, I’ll add you and you’ll get an email shortly thereafter. Thanks for asking and I hope you like all the tips.


  9. Rachel Platiau says:

    Hi Jeff, Thank you for adding me on. I really appreciate it~

    1. My pleasure Rachel, hope we can help you with your projects

  10. Sondra J Klinkovsky says:

    just found you and need help navigating I live in a
    mobile home built in 1978

    1. Always feel free to ask a question Sondra, we’re here to help

  11. Colette says:

    Beautiful site! Congrats, and thanks a lot!

  12. Pat says:

    Fantastic site. I am older, 77 and my husband has ALZ. Probably can’t do a lot of these projects on my own but at least I will know what and if a person I hire to help is doing it correctly.

    1. Any time you have a question let me know. I’d be happy to help Pat. You’re the same age as my Dad 😉

  13. Dmitri says:

    Hey, I am DIY addict, just found your site, great stuff! Always looking for usefull tips. Thanks a lot.

    1. Thanks Dmitri, glad you like HRT. Always feel free to reach out

  14. Pat Downey says:

    Hi Jeff!

    I have been enjoying your podcasts for over a year now. I’m in the phase now where I’m going through again for the topics I need most. In addition, I used some of your bathroom videos for some floor and wall remodels – awesome stuff!! I am hoping you can help me out with a wiring problem I have. My home was constructed in the 70’s and in every room a light switch controls 3 of the 4 or 2 of the 3 outlets with a half-hot outlet. The lower is hot and upper is controlled by the wall switch. I only have one in the rooms that’s full hot and not in phase with light switch. I wouldn’t mind keeping one of the outlets on the switch (maybe the first) because of course I don’t have ceiling lights. The rest of the circuits I want to remove from the half-hot and switch and convert to full hot.

    What is the best way to do this?

    1. Spence Neufeld says:

      The building codes only require one switched outlet in a room. It can be a ceiling light outlet or a receptacle outlet. The 1/2 switched receptacle qualifies. The other outlets can be made to be a full power outlet. You can do this by turning the power off to both circuits (the switched circuit & the receptacle circuit). Remove the half hot receptacle, tape the ends of the wires from the switched circuit.. If the wires loop from box to box, then disconnect the wires that are that feed the switched circuit from box to box. Chances are that the 1/2 switched receptacles are fed with a 3 wire cable. In that case, its usually the red conductor the is the witched, and just tape up the red one. Replace your receptacles with new ones, as they close to 40 years old. Residential receptacles are now required to child proof type, so you should make sure to buy the correct ones. They are slightly more expensive, but worth the investment in safety. Install the new receptacles, by connecting the hot circuit, which should be a black for the hot side, and connect to the bras colored terminal. The white wire is your neutral or grounded conductor, and it connects to the nickel colored terminal on the receptacle. The grounding conductor is either bare copper, or green colored insulation. that must be reconnected to the green terminal on the receptacle. By the age of your home, its likely that the electrical box is made of metal, so when you screw the receptacle back into the box, make certain that nothing is touching the electrical box sides. .

  15. Jaime says:

    Thanks, Jeff, for all of your emails and products; helpful stuff.
    I am looking for something on building a stud wall in a basement where moisture may be a problem. I don’t see anything like that so far; do you anticipate addressing that subject? Thanks again.

  16. Ernie Kost says:

    Hi Jeff, I purchased the $49.00 tutorial package 4-25-2017 and have not received e-mail confirmation.
    Have removed tub and dry wall in quest bath and ready to purchase new tub . Have the HardieBacker
    500 in the 3’x5’x1/2″ 4 sheets and the Mapei Mapelastic AquaDefense waterproofing and crack
    isolation membrane cement and cement tape. Going with the Kohler K-1946-LA-0 Acrylic tub w/ the
    Kohler K-7271-CP slotted over flow. Looking forward to your tutorials so don’t make any mistakes as
    this is my largest project. Although I have remodeled kitchen counter top with 4″ tile 30 yrs back and
    that is outdated now, but still looks nice.

    1. Hi Ernie, I just sent you an email with your login credentials. Wonder if your welcome email was sent to spam, unfortunately sometimes that happens. Let me know if you didn’t get my email with your username and password.

      Mapei AquaDefense is great waterproofing material. What kind of tile are you setting? We have some Mapei thin-set recommendations.

  17. Rhonda says:

    Have tried everything on the market to clean soap scum from glass shower doors. What is the best thing to use?

  18. Susie says:

    Love your videos! Any suggestions for removing water “spots” on tile? I don’t have hard water and have scrubbed the tile. But when it dries you can see faint water spots. I doubt anyone would even notice but it’s driving me crazy. Any suggestions? (I just watched your latest video on cleaning the shower. I’ll definitely try the Wet and Forget and Oxi Clean.)

  19. Patricia says:

    Hi, i want to join to your email for get nice renovations ideas, how i can sign in?

    1. Hi Patricia, right now we don’t have a general email list but thanks for asking. I’d recommend subscribing to our YouTube channel to stay updated

  20. Doris downing says:

    Please add me to newsletter

  21. Beth R says:

    My husband and I just bought our first house and had to tear up the basement carpet, which had been destroyed by years of cat pee (ew!!). Your video is Great! We followed your easy steps and tool list, and success! Thank you so much!!!

  22. Jennifer says:

    How can I ask for advice on a home improvement project? I have a contractor who I think is trying to take advantage of a busy single mom and when I meet with him, I want to have all the background information correct as well as sound like I know what I’m talking about. Leaving the question on this comments page didn’t seem appropriate, but I couldn’t find a “Contact Us” link. Please advise! I love all your tutorials and have used several of them! THANKS!

  23. Danielle Coviello says:

    Hi jeff, I have an unusual question. I have a corner bathtub that I am installing however one of the walls (which are already tiled) is not at a 90 degree angle or perpendicular to the adjacent wall. When the tub is placed against one of the walls there is 3/4 inch gap in the rt corner that connects to adjacent wall. The gap is mostly on that one corner rt corner and then tapers off. So there is no way to use calking with a gap so big. Would it be a good idea to cut out some of the tile towards end where the gap narrows down so that the tub can be pushed in further?

  24. Lori says:

    Great video. Love the list of supplies and steps at the end. Home improvement videos with cute guys are like porn for me. I’m actually going to patch a hole in ceiling next month for the first time so this is edutainment.

  25. Rick says:

    Love your site

  26. Ed says:

    enjoyed your oil spot video. it was a good starting point for me. the drylok portion didn’t show the process. is there another video that shows the process. thanks

  27. Will says:

    Hi Jeff, I came across your concrete expansion joint video on YouTube and had a follow-up question for you. Usually self-leveling caulking is used on these joints, but what if your driveway has a bit of a grade to it. Not extreme, but enough that I’m concerned about using self-leveling caulk. What are my options?

    Also, have you done anything with chimney caps to help ensure that not water permiates the cap and protect the cap from cracks? I’ve seen crushable sealers for this purpose, but I don’t know if they are a good solution.

    Thanks in advance!

  28. Tim says:

    Need to cut 12 x 24 slate tiles down to 12 x 12. Can I cut the slate tile in half with the Montolit Masterpiuma P3 tile cutter?

  29. TJ says:

    Thank you for the advice. Worked great. Lots of hair and gunk. Ran hot water for about 5 minutes to get rid of the slime left from slow drain and hair product build up.

  30. Donna McCann says:

    Hi guys – you are the BEST! Need advice – South-facing front fiberglass door has been stained and re-stained (too thick) and now the stain has begun to peel, crack and fade and, in some places, right down to the original fiberglass door. Sheer ugliness! It occurs where the sun hits it (otherwise the top part of the door is fine). What is the best way to strip it and apply exterior paint? I hear sanding can ruin the fiberglass plus you don’t want to breathe that stuff in! Side panels too need to be refinished. Thanks in advance for any suggestions and guidance.

  31. Will says:

    Hi, I just watched a couple of your videos…great stuff! I do have a question about a leaking toilet. Your video mentions the three main reasons that a toilet bowl will leak at the base of the toilet. Mine is leaking, but not when it is flushed. It’s leaking from the bowl. I replaced the wax ring for good measure. The cast iron flange is just below grade, but didn’t appear to be compromised. After I replaced the wax ring and saw water at the base of the toilet again, that is when I realize that it is actually the bowl water leaking…water that sits there for hours untouched. This is evidenced by putting food coloring in the bowl and letting it sit. It seems to me that it must be a problem with the bowl, and not the wax ring or flange.

    And additional note, in case it is pertinent, a few months ago it started flashing sluggishly. I thought one of the kids had put a toy down there. I snaked about 6 feet down the pipe, and through the toilet, and didn’t find anything. I can also dump a 5 gallon bucket of water in the toilet and it flashes just fine. No restrictions at all.

    Do you have any other ideas? Is there something I’m not thinking of? Any way to prove it one way or the other?don’t Know what is causing it. I’m at a loss.

    Thank you in advance!!

  32. christopher CHUDKOSKY says:

    How much does hydro board cost .were can you buy it?????

  33. Bill Flowers says:

    I came across one of your videos last night (waterproofing shower walls with kerdi-board.) I worked at a plumbing company for 15 years. We renovated a lot of bathrooms and kitchens. Although we used quite a few schluter materials (ditra, hydro ban, kerdi-band, drains, etc) we never used kerdi-board for some reason.
    I’m now retired from the plumbing company. I’m in the process of redoing a couple of my bathroom showers (1 tub/shower, 1 shower pan). After watching your video I’ve decided to use kerdi-board for the shower walls in both bathrooms.
    Although I feel comfortable and confident about the schluter materials and my ability to do the work, I would like to ask your recommendation about one thing. Both of these existing showers are 1 piece fiberglass units on an outside wall. After I cut the fiberglass units out do you think it’s ok to install the kerdi-board directly onto the wood studs ? Do I need to install any kind of vapor-barrier or substrate-strengthener between the kerdi-board and the studs ? ( I won’t know the status of these studs or their levelness until I remove the fiberglass units.)
    Thanks for your advice.

  34. Barbara Hansen says:

    Hello! I’m over my head trying to figure out how to finish my new concrete floor in my fiber workroom. I’ve been watching a LOT of Tube videos and have settled on using Rustoleum’s EpoxyShield. My concrete guy cut 3/16″ x 1″ deep grooves in the 20’x41′ pour and I want to fill them before applying the epoxy. I called SIka Corporation and talked to one of their really knowledgable technicians and learned their self-leveling caulk will not work in a 1″ deep groove, it needs air to cure. He made several recommendations and off down another rabbit hole I went. Coming back up, I’ve decided to squish enough backer rod down the cracks to leave a 1/2″ or less depth to fill. I still want to use the Sika but now I’m second guessing myself…again.

    Will the EpoxyShield work over the Sika caulk?

    There you have it, thank you for helping me out.

  35. Pamela Schneider says:

    Thanks for all your good advice. I have a problem… I made the mistake of cleaning my ceramic tile grout with peroxide and baking soda, and I got alot of the solution on the surrounding tiles, and they got bleached! It looks terrible! Is there anything I can do?

  36. ashley triegaardt says:

    hi where can i buy the repair kits for teh squeeky floors. Amazon, does not deliver for thurd parties in Australia.



  37. James says:

    What kind of adhesive do you recommend to install 12×24 ceramic tiles around a tub? I’d like to use something light if possible.

  38. Vignesh Kumar says:

    Hi Jeff,
    Your videos are of great help. I have couple of questions.

    I am doing wedi fundo ligno curbless. I cut the subfloor and put plywoods in. but i have to make up 1/2 more inch before laying Wedi board to make it flush against the outside floor.

    i have a 1/2 inch OSB cut to size. How do i secure it to the recessed subfloor? Do i nail it to joist or use mortar or glue to the recessed aubfloor?

    also, when cutting wedi fundo ligno, can i cut 1″ on one side and 3″ on the other?? Please let me know.


  39. Reda says:

    Hello Jeff! I have watched many of your videos on how to remodel a bathroom since decided to DIY our master bath. Thanks for all the good info, it has proven very useful!

    I do have a question that I cannot find an answer to. When installing a hinged shower screen, can any hinged shower door be used? I am having trouble finding an actual ‘hinged shower screen’ option and was thinking of possibly using a frameless hinged shower door. Our opening is 72″ and we would like a 34-36″ hinged shower screen and will leave the remaining area open. Any advice?


  40. DAWN STAFFORD says:

    So i tried your solution for a door that closes by itself and it did not work. Please help!

  41. Artura Maegan M says:

    Hello Dear
    Thanks for this wonderful post. The writer has taken a lot of time and effort to post this information on the website.
    fixing any home is a challenge, especially older ones in much good and best inflammations …


  42. Mike says:

    Hello Jeff and Steve! I love watching your videos!
    Question: the expansion joints in a tub/shower walls – do you make sure you don’t get any grout in them when tiling? And is the recommended gap 1/8 or 1/16?

  43. Mike says:

    Installing a delta r10000 multichoice rough in valve. Is it necessary to use the plaster guard? I want to use the kerdi mixing valve seal but the plaster guard would necessitate a square hole…

  44. Fehl says:

    Hello Jeff I saw your video on filling concrete cracks using sikaflex 1c sl and I had a question I was recommended this stuff to fill some carpet nail strip holes in my old rec. Room that I’m turning back into a garage I didnt realize it was so flexible (that’s what I get for not reading up on it) I wanted to put a epoxy garage flooring down on the slab is this going to effect the epoxy flooring? Should I grind it out or will it be fine? If it’s fine I was going to use epoxy-coat unless theres a better product you know of. Thank you for your time.

  45. Debra says:

    Hey Jeff, Thanks so much for your video on toilet flapper install. I thought I needed a plumber to fix the leaking sound from the toilet, until I found your tube video. A Blessing to me 😀

  46. Connie says:

    Wow! Home Repair Tutor is a game changer in the world of DIY! You guys rock! Please keep those informative videos coming!

  47. Carrie Christensen says:

    I just need some suggestions for the manufactured home that I’m living in, I starting to think that my home is a LEMON!

  48. Dana Brown says:

    you showed a video of how to install a curbless shower pan, it is blue with a recessed center drain. I have used that product before, it is a great product. I cannot find them on line anywhere to purchase another one!!!!. If you show a product, you should tell your audience who makes the product.
    Can you please share with me the distributor. I know that they are located in WI but I CANNOT NOT FIND THEM ON THE WEB!!!!!!!!!

  49. Bonnie Roman says:

    Hello Jeff,
    I’d like your article on waterproofing the basement walls. It’s my first time exploring your website. I have a very similar if not identical issue with my walls and would like to do the same treatment. Would it be possible you could send me the instructions/guide via email? I live in Chicago and with the winter approaching it won’t be next year I can do the work. Another question if you don’t mind, I have at least 2 to 3 layers of paint on the walls which are pealing. To remove them, I was thinking of using Peel Away 1, your thoughts on the product??

    Best Regards,
    Bonnie Roman
    Chicago, IL


    Hi –
    Does this window insulation work on metal window frames? I was going to try the insulation per your video with the bubble wrap and plastic covering. I live in a high-rise with metal frames and the windows tend to ice up.

  51. Natasha says:

    I was wondering how big of a deal it is that my fiba tape still shows through my thinset. I applied it evenly and covered all edges but im afraid if its any thicker it will be too raised under my tiles. I still have to apply my waterproof membrane as well. Should it be ok?

  52. Andy says:

    Hi Guys,

    I am renovating a bathroom and your tips have been great. I have a question about a challenge I am currently looking at. I have converted the swing door to a pocket door. I would like to put tile on the wall that has the pocket in it. As you are aware, the pocket wall has some flex to it. I have improved this using the pocket door manufacturer’s recommendation and hardware and installed 3/4 plywood panels between the steel reinforced pocket studs. I had planned to use a 5/8” sheet rock to cover the entire pocket door system and the rest of that wall. I have read some other forums that suggest that this may not be successful. I wonder if you guys have any experience with this? Also, do you have any opinions regarding products such as Schluter Kerdi board or Wedi tile backer or CBU as a backer for this particular application instead?

  53. Lucas says:

    I was reading about a vapor barrier for bathrooms you mentioned Rockwool does not need one if using Kerdi but if I am gp board that is a fiberglass coated board do I need to use a plastic vapor barrier for the tub shower space?

  54. Jessica says:

    Hi – Have you ever used the KBRS shower pan with Wedi boards for your shower walls? Do you recommend it?

  55. Jeff C. says:

    I am installing a Ditra heated flooe in a basement (cemenent floor) bathroom. The Ditra sheets have the fabric backing. I have the Schutler All Set thinset for the top side of the mat for tiling.
    Is it possible to use a midified thinset like Simple Set on the underside of the mats to adhere them to the cement floor?
    Thabks so much,

  56. Diane Morris says:

    I would like to request a refund but it doesn’t show how. I thought I could solve my problem but it was easier to call a plumber.
    Thank you.

    1. Hi Diane, I’ll help you out with that and send you an email.

  57. John G Mayer says:

    I would like to send a video of my fill mechanism malfunction

  58. Salim Nathu says:

    Hi Gentlemen! URGENT,URGENT
    I have a problem with my living window and the side wall which is attached to the frame,
    I have a heavy DRAFT coming thru THE WALL. What is the best way to stop the draft thru the side wall facing the attached window frame.
    Please and Thank you vANCOUVER/cANADA /604-255-0261
    Salim Nathu

  59. Jason F says:

    Hello Jeff. I recently replaced the flow valve on my toilet. Your video was very helpful however I’m still having an issue. Every once in awhile it will start to flow for a few seconds. This happens a few times a day. I’m concerned this means there is a leak somewhere that I cant see. Any suggestions?

  60. Gabriel balo says:

    Hi, love love your videos. In the middle of renovating a new duplex we bought. In watching your videos on schluter installs, we decided to renovate one of the bathrooms with a schluter curbless shower. I know i have to recess the pan down, and using ditra for the underlainment everywhere else. You had a video (that i canmot find anymore) that walked through the process of recessing a shower pan. I am hoping in there i can find details on how much of the shower pan should show above the rest of the subfloor so once i install the ditra membrane it’s all on the same plane. I guess the real question is how thick would the ditra underlayment is once set with thinset. If you could point me to that video, that would be amazing. Thank you for all the great content. You guys are amazing.

  61. Jeanne says:

    Hi. I was watching your video about removing caulk with a blow dryer and noticed your quartz countertops. We just purchased a used kitchen set including their quartz countertops that look like yours. Silly question but I’m wondering if you remember where you purchased them from. We are in need of another piece to match up to this. Great video by the way. Thanks

  62. Kellie Stafford says:

    I’ve really enjoyed and have learned a lot from your videos. I would love to ask a question!? We went with schluter shower kit, watched their videos and yours. Laid down shower floor (very similar pebble rock like in your video) ours is higher in corner than in middle is that normal? How to fix if not? Can’t figure how to make it without huge grout line in bottom (like 1/2 inch in a section).

  63. Jon A. says:

    Hey there! My name is Jon and I saw your DRYLOCK Waterproofing video on YouTube. I also live in Pittsburgh. My wife and I purchased our first home recently and we come to find out our garage wall is seeping water after it rains. The wall was painted prior to us buying it (at least 2 coats) with regular paint. I bought the DRYLOCK waterproofing paint that you used, but I noticed in your video that you didn’t remove all of the white paint from the masonry. I thought I read somewhere that it won’t work until you remove the old paint because the DRYLOCK waterproofing paint needs to stick to masonry. Will it still work without removing the previous paint or should I remove the old paint? If so, what is the best and easiest way to remove it? Thank you so much!!

  64. Uday says:

    I’ve really enjoyed your videos. Do you have any videos on garage floor painting? Particularly if you have an old home with some tiny holes on the floor starting from cleaning to painting. I find so many videos on YouTube but not exactly sure which one to use. If you can provide a video link that would be great.
    Thank you

  65. Jennifer B says:

    Can you all produce a video with a solid surface pan, walls, that has a rectangular bench/pony wall with glass? This is something I want to do and seeing the details would be nice.

  66. Tom M says:

    Good morning –
    I have a dilemma and hope you can help. We’re converting our basement into a MIL (actually for my MIL..) and when framing, somehow the door frame is misaligned by about 1/2-5/8″ from one side to the other.
    Drywall has been installed and it’s all painted ready for the door jam & door install.
    Any tips/tricks you can think of so I don’t have to tear out all the drywall, fir out to make even, etc and make the door jam/door square?
    Thank you in advance,

  67. Jerry R. says:

    I enjoyed your video on repairing concrete expansion joints. Should the backing rod be lying on something below it as a filler or is it ok to have a gap between the backing rod and the ground below?

    Thank you,

  68. Barb Brown says:

    We thought we had to replace a wax seal because water was seeping from the base of the toilet, but once we removed all parts, we noticed the area under the flange was wet. We dried it, and it became wet again. Where is the water coming from and how can we stop it? We have wood tile and the flange sits about 1/2 below the tile.

  69. Allison says:

    Hi Jeff!
    I’m currently here in Pittsburgh too! We’re in my boyfriend’s grandmother’s old 1930s home. We are going to attempt to remove these old carpets They were probably installed in the 1960s. (My cat already cut his foot on the tack strips twice!) We have to do it ourselves though (tight budget.) I am counting on your videos!
    The whole house is carpeted. There are large, 6” plank, light colored wood floors underneath. Have you ever seen these? I don’t know if they can be sanded and lived on.

  70. Joe Reuben says:

    Guys – Great content! Thank you for all you do!
    Quick question – What knee pads does Steve wear in the Ditra heat mat install video. I can’t seem to find them.


  71. Stephane Lefebvre says:

    hello, I wanted to thank you for your advice and to publish it all on the internet. I renovated a house that had been abandoned for more than 5 years. Donate your videos will be of great help

    I need to raise the house, make a concrete base and change the whole floor, redo the plumbing and many more. Only the roof, the walls and the electricity do not need to be redone.

    Thank you

  72. Terry Schumacher says:

    Hi Jeff,
    We have 2 toilets that are exactly the same. After flushing, one of these toilets take a lot longer to fill the tank than the other, which makes the toilet run much longer. Any suggestions for this issue?

  73. Bill says:

    I need to fill a 1.25″ gap between my concrete driveway and carport. Can you recommend a backer rod that wide? Homedepot and Lowes seem to only carry(in stock) 3/4″.

  74. Matt Williams says:

    Hey Jeff ,
    Jus saying ,. You make it easy to learn ,
    Do you accept donations ?

  75. Vignesh Sankaranarayanan says:

    I am not finding Schluter Kerdi board shower wall anywhere in California. I think they have a world shortage . Please make a video on this .

  76. Yingxin says:

    Hi Jeff, our bathroom has small water leaking for a while and we found water marks on the ceiling in the lower level under the bathroom. When we open the ceiling and can see the subfloor nearby the edge of the shower base is damaged in a size about 8*11”. I can literally see a small part of edge of the shower base. Plumbers came and didn’t find any leaking in the base. The tile guy also came and told us the slide door of the shower wasn’t correctly installed, which should not sit on top a tile next the edge of the base. He said even we re-grout the tile, it will leak again. My question is how we can fix the problem. As no handyman is willing to fix the subfloor from the cut of ceiling at lower level, shall I find someone redo the shower and tile? Subfloor can be fixed before putting in new tile or floor. Even someone say they can fix the subfloor from lower level, can it be done properly? Is it true that grouting the tile cannot help us put the problem behind for much longer? Thanks!

  77. Eric says:

    Hi Jeff I’m from Johnstown pa I have house built in 59. My wife and I have redone every room. We are now in the kitchen. Our kitchen sub floor is 4 inch wide by 3/4 plank do I need to do a plywood layer over this before the ditra? Thank you Eric

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