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Bathtub Drain Assembly Tips


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by Jeff Patterson in Bathroom Plumbing
Bathtub Drain Kit Installation for Delta Tubs

Bathtub drain assembly can be a nightmare.

Tubs will leak if this project is done wrong.

So let’s do it right!


Bathtub Drain Assembly Done Right

First, always follow the bathtub directions – always.

For example, this tub drain assembly was done for a Delta acrylic tub. And the directions called for DAP 3.0 to be used between the drain and tub.

Second, get the correct size drain assembly based on the size of the tub. The drain kit in this tutorial fit tubs 12 to 24 inches in height.

Third, consider a cable drive drain assembly. These are easy to operate and won’t lead to clogs.

Finally, dry fit pipes before installing them. Also, get a PVC pipe cutter because they make cutting pipes fast and easy.

Watch our tutorial to see how to install a tub drain assembly step-by-step


What’s Next

Our previous tutorial shared how to install the Delta bathtub and has lots of great tips.

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    Keep up the good work guys. Love it!

    1. Thanks Warren, super appreciate all your support!

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