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5 Essential Tools for Tile (QUICK TIPS)

Speed Up Your Tiling

Here’s the deal: tools make a huge difference when tiling a shower. Today you’ll get five tool recommendations that will make shower tile installation easier. I got these from my Bathroom Repair Tutor co-founder Steve. If you’re new to HRT, Steve is a 14...
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How to Hang Drywall in a Bathroom Doorway

The Best Method!!

Learning how to hang drywall in a bathroom doorway is easy. But if you choose to ignore the advice in today’s tutorial you could be in for a bad surprise. Today you’ll get a secret tip that’ll prevent cracks above doors. Here’s the deal:...
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How to Hang Drywall Ceilings by Yourself

Have you struggled hanging drywall ceilings by yourself? It can be a real chore and painful. But there are some tricks and tips that make it a WHOLE LOT EASIER. Today you’ll learn how hang drywall ceilings by yourself and without killing your back....
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How to Install PEX Pipe (No Soldering!!!)

Are you afraid to solder copper pipes? If you’ve never soldered before it can be intimidating. Plus you can easily catch your house on fire – never a good thing. Today you’ll learn how to install PEX pipe. This is a general overview that’ll share...
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How to Install a Bathtub (make it ROCK solid)

Here’s my promise: Today you’ll learn how to install a bathtub and make it solid as a rock. The reason for this tutorial is simple. Initially I thought I was keeping the bathtub in my rental home. But I decided that was a TERRIBLE idea....
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