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  1. Kerry says:

    Loved the shower cleaning tip! Is there a good natural cleaner for ovens? Will the same type of vinegar/baking soda paste work as well? Even with a self cleaning oven its good to have something between major cleanings for something spilled or even just the glass door.

    Next, I’m going to try the window screens. I was just about to call a handyman to make me some. Now I can do it!

    1. Thanks Kerry for your great oven cleaning question.

      I always call the make of an appliance and ask them about what cleaner to use. They will likely ask for the oven model and serial number which often on of the inside door. Do this as they’ll know the best product you should use on your interior surface. But ask them about the white vinegar and baking soda paste. Heck, I should ask the manufacturer of our oven.

      You know what, I’ll call GE today!!

      Anyhow, let me know if you have questions on the screen making tutorial. You can definitely do it.

      1. Rita says:

        My Facebook:JJC Lighting
        Email:[email protected]

        I want to ask if you could do me a favor to test our led lighting samples, Because I have watch your youtube video and really appreciate it.
        We have a factory producing wall pack lighing, recessed lighting, solar security lighting, street lighing etc, we would like to provide some free samples to you for testing if you like.
        Looking  forward to work with you.
        Thanks&Best regards

  2. Jack Peterson says:

    Hi Kerry,very good entry door security video. I just installed a new double cylinder deadbolt lock because of lock bumping which can open a dead bolt single cylinder very quickly with a special key sold online. Also you can use a Flip Guard over the thumb turn on the dead bolt for extra security.

  3. Andrea says:

    HI: Just found your info on Home Talk. Are you also a bathroom contractor?

  4. Debbie says:

    Great tutorial! Also very entertaining. Thank you!

  5. Kyle Ritchie says:

    Jeff I love your platform here and feel that we should chat. Are you looking to grow your brand? Could you be interested in a Joint Venture growing your platform white labeled?

  6. krystal Grooters says:

    Doo you have a video on replacing a bathroom subfloor and floor? Thank You

    1. krystal grooters says:

      Hi The upstairs bathroom remodel is finished, I would enjoy a price and plan to “shift” the plumbing of a sink and toilet and install a shower in a downstairs bathroom. Thanks.

  7. Richard Mcdowell says:

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  8. Vittorio Campos says:

    Quería saber si enseña en español y yo estoy Florida si tiene un lugar en Miami fl gracias

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