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Wedi Shower Systems…Cutting the Fundo Primo Shower Pan

Part 3 of Curbed Subway Tile Shower

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As we said in the prior video, learning how to install a shower pan begins with proper prep.

Wedi shower systems are a great option for curbed walk-in showers. One of the best features of wedi is the ability to cut the shower pan to a custom size.

But here’s the deal: 

If the wedi shower pan is cut incorrectly you’ll be throwing a lot of money down the drain.

Today we’ll show you how to properly cut down the wedi Fundo Primo shower pan.

And we share how to do the prep work for the subfloor so that you have a rock solid shower pan installation.

Getting Started with the Wedi Fundo Primo Shower Pan

First, our rough shower pan area was 33 inches wide by 48 inches long.

We purchased the 36 inch by 48 inch wedi Fundo Primo shower system because we could cut 3 inches off the width.

wedi Fundo Primo Shower Pan

Before cutting the shower pan, always double check the shower drain location.

It’s better to offset the shower pan by cutting it than having to cut through a joist to place the drain.

In this shower, we were able to keep the drain centered in the shower area.

Thus, we cut 1.5 inches off each side of the wedi Fundo Primo shower pan.


How to Cut the Wedi Fundo Primo

The Wedi Fundo Primo shower pan can be cut down with a table saw or circular saw.

No special blade is required – any blade that can cut a 2×4 is good.

Cut a notch in the pan with a utility knife, snap a chalk line, and cut through the shower pan with a saw.

Cut the wedi Fundo Primo Shower Pan

Then the next step is to recreate the rabbet on the cut sides of the shower pan.

Measure over 1/2 inch from the edge of the pan, score it, and snap a chalk line.

Snap a chalk line on the wedi Fundo Primo shower pan

Set the depth of a circular saw to 1/2 inch and cut along the chalk line.

Use a utility knife to cut a 1/2 inch slice down in the pan’s total height to recreate the rabbet.

Use utility knife to cut rabbet

And that’s it. Super simple.

Steve has a ton of awesome tips in the video, so make sure to watch it.

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Setting the Drain Location for the Wedi Fundo Primo

Many people stress over shower pan drains.

Don’t worry, we’ll make this process as easy as possible.

Setting the drain location starts with dry fitting the shower pan.

Then mark the drain location by penciling the drain area on the subfloor.

Mark wedi Fundo Primo drain location

Set the circular saw blade depth to that of the subfloor to minimize the chance of cutting through a pipe.

And cut out the subfloor area near the drain to access the plumbing.

Cut subfloor for wedi Fundo Primo shower pan

This house had ABS pipe. So the new drain and P-Trap were built with ABS.

Then cut a 5″ hole in the plywood for the drain, apply Liquid Nails to the top of the joist, and set the plywood in place.

Set plywood for wedi Fundo Primo shower pan

We share a ton of awesome details in our video


What’s Next

Our prior tutorial shared how to do the shower pan curb prep for the Wedi Fundo Primo.

That is super important if you want to build a custom shower bench seat.

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