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DeWALT’s New 40V Max Brushless Chainsaw


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by Jeff Patterson in Exterior DIY Projects
DeWALT 40V MAX Brushless Chainsaw

Pull starts SUCK.

I started cutting grass when I was 11.

So I’ve hated the pull start for 27 years…and counting.

If you feel the same way you’ll love today’s review.

We’re going to take a look at DeWALT’s new 40V Max brushless chainsaw.

No pull start. No engine maintenance. No gas.

Read on to see what you think

Funny story: DeWALT sent me this chainsaw by accident.

Instead of sending it back I decided to do a review.

The reason… we have a tree that’s been leaning over…for 3 years!

More on that in the video.

Tree Cutting

These days every tool is becoming battery powered.

So I did this review to see if

  1. the chainsaw was easy to use
  2. DeWALT’s claims were true
  3. I could make a fun video about chainsaws

I think we accomplished all of this and more


Is the 40V Max Easy to Use?

You’ll see for yourself.

But I’d say yes.

Right out of the box the 40V Max chainsaw is ready to go

Out of the Box

DeWALT packages the chainsaw, battery, and charger separately.

It would be crazy to pack the battery in the chainsaw!!

The 40V battery is HUGE and in my case came with one green light of charge

Battery Light

So I had to charge it before conducting our cut test

There’s a lock-off lever on the saw.

This prevents it from prematurely firing up.

Lockout Lever

The power is controlled by a variable speed trigger switch.

This is just below the lock-off lever.

Before using the saw make sure the guide bar and chain work properly.

What I like most about this saw is you don’t need any tools to adjust the chain or expose the sprocket.

Turn the bar adjust locking knob counterclockwise to remove the sprocket cover.

Sprocket Cover


This exposes the sprocket and chain.

The chain should be seated on the sprocket and top/bottom of the guide bar.

DeWALT uses Oregon chains and guide bars

Oregon Bar and Chain

Turn the chain tensioning knob clockwise to tighten the chain and counterclockwise to loosen it.

Adjust Chain Tension

You should fill up the oil reservoir before using the saw.

The oil level indicator is easy to read

Oil Level

Safety is super important…especially with chainsaws.

It’s cool that DeWALT has a chain brake in front of the front handle.

If there’s kickback you front hand should hit the brake and stop the chain from moving.

Chain Break

Hopefully you can see just how easy this chainsaw is to use.

Can it live up to DeWALT’s claims?


Are DeWALT’s Claims True?

I love testing tools.

DeWALT claims you can get 100 cuts from a 6×6 pressure treated piece of wood on one charge.

I didn’t have a 6×6.

However, I clamped three 2×6’s together and went to town.

To see that and a some cool stuff that happened at the end of the video watch here

Hope you liked the video.

It was pretty fun to make.

That bit about me cutting down our tree on Thanksgiving…

…totally true.

My wife wasn’t mad.

She didn’t like that tree.

We spent a few hours on holiday decorating, that may have been my penance.

Outdoor Lights


What’s Next

If you liked DeWALT’s 40V Max chainsaw it’s available over on Amazon

Price (6Ah Battery): $379.98

Buy Now

(via Amazon)

Let me know your thoughts on the battery versus gas chainsaw options down in the comments.

Thanks as always for reading, watching and being part of our awesome DIY community.


Jeff Patterson





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  1. Martin Byatt says:

    Sweet. I have been looking for a chainsaw for quite a while now (to cut limbs etc for firewood) but have not been 100% happy to pull the trigger. I love DeWalt, most of my power tools are DeWalt, therefore I will definitely be looking hard at this chainsaw – has all the features I am looking for.

    1. No gas, that’s a big one for me Martin. Especially since I’m not using a chain saw every day.

      The gas issue crops up every fall when I have to fire up my snow blower, so to avoid this issue with a chainsaw or other lawn tool is great.

      Let me know what you decide

  2. Mike Whaley says:

    Jeff that took a lot of patience to cut thru those 2•6’s but that saw definetly looked like it was up to the challenge. I think it would be perfect for all of us except the Ax Men. It could cut a small load of firewood or take care of other small to medium jobs around the house. Me personally I am not a fan of pull starts either and love any job I can do and do right with just a battery for my power supply. The only down side I see in this tool is the cost seems a little expensive. Great video too Jason, I mean Jeff.

    1. The cost could be a hurdle for a lot of people. Interestingly enough, the battery is about $249 for the 6.0AH and $200 for the 4.0AH. So the tool itself isn’t too bad.

      I’d like DeWALT to offer a longer term battery warranty. That would be reassurance and help justify the price.

  3. char says:

    Hi Jeff,
    I missed the weight. Is it extra heavy with the battery?
    Looked great, worked great but weight is surely a consideration for me.
    I also wonder–with so many things going battery , what will happen when the power is out–as it was here for over 27 hours one day.
    Last–I receive duplicate ‘Home repairer ‘ mails but have not unsubbed to the extra one in fears I may stop receiving any of your emails.
    Thank you—Your house looks great!

    1. Good question about the weight Char, it wasn’t bad.

      I think DeWALT did a great job with the design as the battery is in the center of the saw.

      The battery will hold a charge for awhile, so unless you’re doing a lot of cutting it shouldn’t be an issue on normal days.

      I’ll look into the duplicate emails 😀

  4. Susan says:

    I don’t like using gas-powered tools if I can help it. The DeWALT looks perfect! Between my own yard and elderly neighbor’s yard, this would come in pretty handy. I, too, am wondering about the weight of it. I think with the battery placement in the middle vice under the back it would make it a more balanced weight?
    P.S. Nice lighting display!

    1. You’re right Susan, the battery placement does balance the tool. DeWALT did a nice job with that. Overall I didn’t think the saw was heavy, even after cutting all the boards. I need to get on a scale with saw to figure out the weight…of the saw that is, haha

  5. William Dorsey says:

    This seems like an ideal tool for people that have an occasional need for a chainsaw. In my years of experience that is one application where gasoline powered chainsaws can be troublesome. There is nothing worse than having to service your saw every time you need to use it, something that this saw won’t require! I think this tool would be ideal for occasional residential use. I don’t think the lumberjack s will be standing in line for one, but I doubt they are the target market. Thanks DeWalt!

    1. You’re right Bill, the gas part is a pain for equipment that is used occasionally. One big reason this is a great option for DIYers where we’re not cutting down trees all the time. For small to medium trees this would be perfect.

  6. Joe Rogers says:

    Battery operated yard tools work great “for a while”, and maybe even for a few years. However when batteries get weakened and/or start to fail, I always find I can purchase the complete original item on-sale cheaper than manufacturers are willing to sell replacement batteries. I find this to be absolutely ridiculous, wasteful, & expensive. The real cost of owning such products fare exceeds gas-powered ones simply because of the battery replacement cost.

    1. Thomas Conrad says:

      Joe took the words right out of my mouth. I think I’m on my third cordless drill because the batteries were more expensive than a complete replacement drill kit. How many drill motors do you think are sitting in landfills around the country because the batteries conked out?

    2. I do agree with the battery issue Joe. It’s frustrating to me as well. Personally, I wish companies would figure out a way to recycle the batteries. AND: give a lifetime warranty. Ridgid does a great job on the warranty for certain batteries. I don’t like the idea of batteries sitting in landfills either, not a pleasant site. As more lithium batteries get produced this will be a huge problem. Also, the price of lithium itself may go up, and at that point I bet manufacturers will get wise to the issue at hand.

      1. Angie R. says:

        Ya, It should be against the law that they keep changing the batteries so they can make everyone RE-BUY the new ones and throw out the old. They do that to make more money.

  7. Laura Z. says:

    The DeWalt chainsaw looks awesome. I have an electric chainsaw with a cord that was cheap, about $60. It’s not powerful enough for anything beyond small branches. At some point I’m going to have to cut down a diseased Aspen, unfortunately because I really like the tree. I doubt that I would spend that much since I don’t use a chainsaw frequently and would worry that the battery would go bad. I will most likely rent a gas chainsaw for a half day from my local big box when I have to tackle the Aspen. I think they charge about $50 for four hours use of a small Makita. And then they’re the ones who have to deal with cleaning and sharpening the chain. LOL.

    1. Totally agree with you Laura, in your case it’s worth it to rent…and yes, let them handle the maintenance, haha

  8. Marianne says:

    I would LOVE to have this chainsaw. I had several Dewalt drills in the past and loved their performance. I still have a Dewalt circular saw that has to be at least 16 yrs old and still works like brand new! I have medical issues so a pull start if totally out for me, plus dragging around an electrical cord is a major pain. Not to mention that the gas to oil ratios make me have too many small gas cans! The price makes this way out of my wallet so will have to wait till either my ship docks at the right spot or I win the lottery!

    Thanks for the review, the Christmas lights are beautiful!!!

    1. Thanks Marianne, I agree with you on the cans. We have too many at this point. So it’s nice to have a battery powered options 😀

  9. Sue says:

    Thanks for the review. Looks really easy to use. Like others it’s way too expensive for me, though. Maybe if there’s a little competition out there the price will come down.

    1. That might be the case over time Sue, this is a good option for someone who’s continually cutting down trees or has a lot of property.

  10. Dan H says:

    Very impressive. Great safety features. Love the easy start and chain tightening features of this saw. It’s a little pricey and probably not the chainsaw for heavy tree clearing and cutting work, but looks like it would definitely work around the yard for keeping your place neat and trimmed up. I would keep a spare battery charged-up and ready when using this saw.

    1. Wish they would throw in a spare battery…that would be pretty cool

  11. dan says:

    Everyone would have one if it was $200.

    1. Agree Dan, the $200 price point would be awesome. Wish it was closer to that

  12. L Forbes says:

    Question: How much does it weigh (with battery)??
    I often wish I could go cordless, but as a woman, some drills, weed whackers, and other battery-operated tools are simply too heavy to wield comfortably for more than a minute or two.

    1. Not sure, but it was very manageable…even after 110 cuts!!

  13. Paul says:

    My gas powered chain saw locked up. Chain will not move. I too wonder about the weight, but it appears that the big battery is located where it balances the saw and contributes to the cutting via the weight. The pull cord can really be a pain in the you-know-what, especially if saw doesn’t start up right away. I may consider this one if I can’t fix my gas chain saw. Thanks for the info.

    1. Glad this helped Paul and sorry about your chain locking up, that stinks. Agree with you about the pull start, it’s a big pain

  14. Hank Wolgast says:

    I really like the looks and the way this saw cuts. It has some really neat features such as the chain tensioner and the way the battery is set up to balance the weight. I think if I were to be using it a lot it, I would have an extra battery so one could be charging while I am using the other. Great video by the way. As usual it is above average again, just like always.Your Christmas lights look great.

    1. Thanks Hank, really appreciate your kind words. The chain tensioner is cool, very easy to use and the weight distributions is good. Seems like everyone likes the saw…just not the price

  15. I’m so impressed with modern battery technology. I’ve seen such power / duration / lifespan improvements as tools have moved from ni-cad to lithium ion. This beast has a big battery, but it’s doing a lot of serious work. I’m always impressed with DeWalt. Nice job Jeff!

    1. Thanks buddy, yah that 6.0AH battery is huge. But it doesn’t throw off the balance of the saw. Ni-Cd were terrible, the power tool would die slowly until nothing. Lithium is so much better

  16. Linda says:

    I love DeWalt tools, and this one looks to be well designed. I agree with some other commenters though, it is tough to shell out that much money for a tool that is going to have a huge future expense in battery replacement. I bought an EZ pull Stihl chainsaw a few years ago and will probably stick with it as long as I can get it started. So far it is as easy to start as when it was new. I wonder if these companies know how many more tools they’d sell if the batteries were less expensive.

    1. Yah the price point for some the tools is out there, wish this one had a lower cost as well. It’s a great tool and I have to imagine it will sell well. This saw might be better for landscaper or busy homeowner who uses saws for weekend projects.

  17. Steve says:

    I read where you said it would be good for cutting small and medium trees. How do you think it would do on trees that have a diameter that is equal to the length of the chain saw blade

    1. I think it’s doable Steve, I’m not a professional landscaper or tree cutter but I could imagine it working well

  18. Susan M says:

    Very impressive tool. Is the weight comparable to a gas-powered chainsaw? We have a small 20v chainsaw for trimming the little stuff and it works well. The cost for the 40v Dewalt is high enough that most home owners will think twice about purchasing it. If it were around $150-200, I think it would fly off the shelves, especially at this time of year! Good unboxing video and I appreciate the time you took for the over 100 cuts to test the battery for us.

    1. I’d say it’s comparable Susan, the battery isn’t all that heavy. I should step on the scale and see what the weight is…lol.

      The cutting did take awhile, my neighbors probably thought I was crazy. Haha, that’s how it goes though with DIY.

      Wish the price was a bit lower myself, we’ll see if they run any deals on it for the holidays

  19. shawn karg says:

    I think I need to get one of these..Thanks for the info..

    1. Glad to help Shawn, it’s a cool tool…let me know if you get one and what you think

  20. John says:

    Great video! I think another big advantage is lower noise level. My neighbors love my 2-stroke dirt bike. Battery powered tools are great, but gas or electric (like hammer drills) still have their place.

    1. You’re right John, the noise is lower but at times a gas or electric powered tool is the way to go. I’m going to test DeWALT’s SDS Hammer Drill versus my electric one…that’ll be interesting to see

  21. Kelly from Michigan says:

    Hi Jeff,

    I had mentioned in another tutorial about our new home, well we will also have a new fireplace and begin stocking wood for the first time. My husband has mentioned about getting a chainsaw and the thought scares me. I will be promoting this one to him and showing the video with hopes of him purchasing it. Thanks for the review.


    1. Thanks Kelly, this is a pretty awesome say…too bad they don’t include the hockey mask

  22. Peter says:

    Hi Jeff

    Could you tell me the AC voltage range for the charger. I’ll be using 220v so need to know if the charger will cover that voltage range. Thanks a lot.

  23. Cheech says:

    Hi Jeff,

    What size file should I use to sharpen the chain, and how do I loosen chain on bar so I can rotate it as I sharpen the teeth? Thanks.

  24. Tom says:

    I just got a electric 12 inch Dewalt chain saw. Ran for about ten minutes and quit. I thought battery has dead or safety lever had go intro lock, but no, its totally locked up. Chain will not move either ..What do I do..Its BRAND NEW!!

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