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Heated Flooring Systems: NuHeat Tips

Installing Cable and Self-Leveling

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Heated Flooring Systems

Heated flooring systems are awesome, especially in basement bathrooms.

Today we share how to to install a NuHeat heated flooring system over concrete.

Have you woken up and walked onto a chilly tile floor at 5 am?

NuHeat stops this from happening.

Let’s dive in!


Heated Flooring Systems Save Cold Feet

NuHeat has both a cable and mat system.

We chose a cable system for this basement bathroom because it was easy to install.

If you read our prior tutorial, we built a basement curbless shower in this Pittsburgh home. Unfortunately it gets super cold in the basement.

Plus, this heated flooring system is the only source of heat.

The first step is to plan the location of the heating cable guides. They should be 1 to 6 inches from the wall and any vanity. Use a hammer drill and tapcon drill bit to drill holes in concrete.

Then secure the cable guides using screws meant for concrete.

In addition, cable guides should be at least 6 inches from the toilet flange. This prevents the NuHeat from melting the toilet’s wax ring.

NuHeat’s cables have to be covered with self-leveler.

But here’s the deal,

Self-leveler needs primer.

Apply the primer to the concrete floor before the NuHeat cables. And use a primer that’s made specifically for the self-leveler.

Allow the primer to dry and add the NuHeat cables to the cable guide system.

Then finish the installation by pouring self-leveler over the concrete floor.

Watch our video for additional tips and tricks


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