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How to Install a KBRS ShowerSlope System

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How to Install a KBRS ShowerSlope

Our last tutorial shared how to choose the KBRS ShowerSlope system.

Today you’ll see how to install a KBRS ShowerSlope and why it’s a great option for curbed showers.

Most homeowners have never built a custom shower. As a result, this process can be stressful.

Our tutorial shows step-by-step how to avoid mistakes and have a successful ShowerSlope installation – even if the bathroom is less than perfect.

Let’s dive in!


How to Install a KBRS ShowerSlope System

All successful projects need a plan.

Here’s the general guide for installing a KBRS ShowerSlope:

  1. Drain installation
  2. ShowerSlope pan
  3. Framing for niche (optional)
  4. Backer Board

Simple enough – but there’s always a catch with every shower.

For example, maybe the subfloor isn’t level or the drain needs repositioned. Address those before doing anything else.

As we explained in the last tutorial, KBRS ShowerSlope pans are great because 3 inches can be cut off all four sides. Plus, the curb can also be trimmed to size.

Today you’ll see how to install the drain, trim the ShowerSlope pan, cut down the curb to 2 inches, frame a shower niche, and install cement board.

We built the ShowerSlope in 4 hours and waterproofed the system in the afternoon.

We’re psyched to share this video because it should inspire you to build your own awesome shower

What’s Next

Our prior tutorial shares how to choose the right ShowerSlope Kit – watch the video if you need help deciding which ShowerSlope to buy.

The next tutorial shares how to waterproof the KBRS ShowerSlope.

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