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How to Install a Basement Bathtub

Important Tips and Tricks

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by Jeff Patterson in Bathroom Plumbing, DIY Bathroom Remodel

What’s the best way to install a basement bathtub?

And how do you connect the tub plumbing?

These are two frequent questions, and rightfully so. Basement bathtub installation isn’t easy. But today’s tutorial will make it much better, we promise.

Let’s dive in!

Install a Basement Bathtub

Our prior tutorial shared in great detail how to prep and self level basement floors. This step makes tub installation easier.

Step one is to dry fit the bathtub. Since this basement bathroom was self leveled our bathtub was also perfectly level – but it’s always good to double check.

Step two is to install the cable bath drain. Use 100% silicone to adhere the rubber gasket and drain to the tub.

Step three is to dry fit the pipe and slip fitting into the P-Trap. Then dry fit the bathtub again to see how it’s drain lines up with the P-Trap pipe.

Step four is to glue all the PVC floor pipes and pour mortar onto the basement floor.

Step five is to set the bathtub in the mortar, drill holes through the tub lip, and secure the tub to studs using galvanized screws.

And if you’re wondering, we didn’t need a stringer for this tub.

Watch our video for all the details



What’s Next

Our next video will share tips for installing the Moen mixing valve.

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Jeff Patterson

  1. Charlie Nichols says:

    At the point of installing shower pan. The rough in was completed when the house was built. I have had two different plumbers bid on the installation, both have said that the floor would have to be removed around the shower drain. I have purchased the pan and drain, it seems to me, the only reason to crack the floor is because the drain pipe is too high. Any suggestions? Thanks

  2. Handy Squad says:

    Thank you for sharing this!

  3. It really depends on the shower pan, which one are you installing?

  4. Thank you, hope it helped!

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