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How to Install a Shower Curb Top in a Subway Tile Shower

It's More Technical Than You Think!

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How to Install a Shower Curb Top

Part of the process of tiling a curbed shower involves installing the curb top. This can be more challenging than you’d think – especially in a subway tile shower.

So today we’re going to share some tips that make it easier. Plus, the finished look will be impeccable. 

How to Install a Shower Curb Top…Where to Start

The shower we built has a fantastic shower bench. So we started the curb top installation by tiling the first row below the bench.

Now here’s the deal,

Figure out the subway tile layout before permanently setting tile.

We put a lot of effort into the layout. But once that’s done the process of setting the tile is easier. In this example we have two full tiles flanked by two smaller 4″ tiles. And the laser level is smack dab in the center of the shower bench wall.

Once the first three tiles were set we dry fit the quartz curb top.

And we notched the curb top on each side using the CGX115 diamond blade. This allowed us to slide the last tile behind the curb. It makes the finished look cleaner and more professional.

In today’s video you’ll learn:

  • What tools are the best for this project
  • Why we like to back butter all the tiles…even bullnose
  • How to plan the layout of subway tile on a shower bench wall
  • Why it’s crucial to check the pitch of the shower curb top
  • And most importantly, how to use industry guidelines to get an amazing shower


What’s Next

If you missed our previous tutorial on how to tile the main shower wall with subway tile it’s right here. You’ll see great tips in that video, too.

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Jeff Patterson





  1. TW Williams says:

    do you work in the greater SEATTLE/TACOMA area in WASHINGTON STATE

  2. Jeff says:

    Wish we did, Seattle is beautiful. Home base for us is Pittsburgh

  3. Squafdonoboles says:

    Nice job!

  4. Dave Grever says:

    Jeff, do you have a video showing how to complete the tiling of the curb? I don’t see that in the BRT course videos.

  5. Jeff says:

    Thank you, we’re very happy with the results of this shower

  6. Jeff says:

    Thanks Dave for asking, not yet for this shower but soon. We do have a video showing how to tile a similar curb for a KBRS system and that’s in BRT.

  7. Vinny says:

    Hey Jeff,
    Any quality bathroom remodel companies you would recommend in northern NJ? Any more info on curbless showers… your home project?

    1. Thanks Vinny, we recommend Ken Balin in New Jersey. Not sure what his schedule looks like though. What kind of project are you doing? Here’s a link to our curbless shower project

  8. Dave Grever says:

    Thanks Jeff. I’ll check that one out.

  9. Dave Grever says:

    Jeff, I’m having trouble locating that KBRS video showing the curb tiling. Can you give me the number of the video. Thanks.

    1. Hey Dave, this is the video you need

      Let me know if you have any questions. We can help you get the right Tile-Basin.

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