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How to Install Schluter KERDI-BOARD: Part 1

Waterproof Your Shower Like a Pro

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How to Install Schluter Kerdi Board HRT Part 1

Today you’ll learn how to install Schluter KERDI-BOARD.

A lot of DIYers are afraid of waterproofing their shower surround.

They’re worried it’ll take too much time and they’ll mess it up.

Today we’ll show you why you shouldn’t think this way.

Schluter makes KERDI-BOARD and it’s one of the best substrates for tile.

And it’s easy to install.

After reading or watching our tutorial you’ll be inspired to start your bathroom project.

Let’s get started!


There’s nothing worse than finding mold in your bathroom.

A few years back I had to tear out a fiberglass tub surround.

Unfortunately greenboard was installed behind the surround.

It was covered in mold…YUCK.

After carefully removing the greenboard I used cement board as my substrate.

But had I known about KERDI-BOARD I would have totally used it.

Primarily because I put my back out lifting the cement board!!!

Don’t get me wrong, cement board is great but it can be tedious to install and waterproof.

It’s critical to make your shower or tub walls are 100% waterproof.

Here’s the deal:

Cement isn’t waterproof

It needs a liquid waterproofing membrane like Ardex 8+9 or RedGard.

Applying Ardex 8+9

And while it’s not hard, it’s definitely a second step.

Schluter KERDI-BOARD is one of the best building panels for DIYers.

Steve with Kerdi Board


  • light
  • easy to cut and transport
  • thermally insulating
  • dust-free
  • waterproof

Here are the supplies you need for this project

KERDI-BOARD comes in different dimensions and thicknesses.

Which is great because you have options instead of just 1/2″ thick cement board!!

Learning how to install Kerdi board is easy.

Let’s get started.


Starting the Installation of KERDI-BOARD

Begin with the main wall.

If you want to put a niche in the stud bay, do that first.

By the way, we have a great tutorial on how to frame the niche over on Bathroom Repair Tutor.

Steve is the man, that’s all I’ll say.

All building panels require stud framing to be plumb and level.

Check your studs using a level

Stud Plumbness

If studs are bowed out your can trim them down with a planer.

If studs are bowed in you can sister studs to them to create a level surface.

Don’t hesitate to ask us more about these steps in the comments.


Cutting KERDI-BOARD to Size

Measure the width of your tub or shower surround.

Cut the KERDI-BOARD to size with a utility knife, yah it’s that simple.

Then place the KERDI-BOARD on the tub lip, not on the tub deck.

Install Kerdi Board on Bathtub Lip

This creates a gap between the KERDI-BOARD and tub.

In the next tutorial we’ll show you how to fill this gap.

It’s super easy.


How to Install Schluter KERDI-BOARD on Studs

Secure the KERDI-BOARD to studs using the Schluter screws and washers.

The minimum panel thickness for installations on wall framing with studs spaced 16″ on center is 1/2″.

Schluter recommends on center fastener spacing to be 12 inches.

Screw Spacing for Kerdi Board

And there should be no more than 16″ between studs.

Don’t worry, we discuss this in the video.

You can place two adjacent panels flush with each other.

Placing Adjacent Kerdi Board Panels

Screws can be positioned like in this photo.

Or you can place a screw between the panels and pinch them together with the washer.

Steve does this latter method with the niche in the video.

Pinching the Niche and Kerdi Boards-600

The main wall will take you about 20-40 minutes to install.


How to Cut Holes in KERDI-BOARD

What about the side walls of the tub?

How do you approach cutting holes for the mixing valve, tub spout, and shower head?

It’s exactly the same but Steve dry fits the KERDI panel and does two extra steps.

First, he measures the tub spout pipe location.

You can cut a hole in the KERDI-BOARD for the spout pipe using a utility knife or paddle bit on your impact driver.

Cut Tub Spout Hole in Kerdi Board

Dry fit this KERDI-BOARD over the tub spout.

Then gently push it into the mixing valve stem to make a depression in the board.

Pushing Mixing Valve through Kerdi Board

This gives you the center location of the mixing valve.

Again, either cut this out with a utility knife or in our case 3 inch hole saw.

Using 3 Inch Hole Saw on Kerdi Board

Mount the KERDI-BOARD to the studs just like you did with the main wall.

Attaching Kerdi Board to Mixing Valve Wall

Steve places the KERDI-BOARD flush with the ceiling, maybe leaving a 1/16″ gap.

We recommend you have KERDI-BOARD at least two inches out from the tub.

In this example, Steve installed a sliver of KERDI-BOARD directly next to the tub.

Adding Sliver of Kerdi Board

Installing KERDI-BOARD is way easier than using cement board.

Steve shares all sorts of awesome tips in the video.

Check it out to become a Jedi KERDI-BOARD installer.


What’s Next

Learning how to install Schluter KERDI-BOARD is easy.

In Part 2, we show how to complete the installation using KERDI-BAND.

If you’re building a shower check out Bathroom Repair Tutor. The detailed video tutorials and professional tips are fantastic.

Here’s the link to Bathroom Repair Tutor


Jeff Patterson



  1. Barbara Curtis says:

    This Kerri Board looks way easier for a woman to install than cement board. Would love the Milwaukee Cordless Impact Driver Kit for this project.

    1. It’s easier than cement board, that’s for sure Barb.

      My mom could manhandle these boards and she’s 74 and 5 foot tall.

      It’s always nice to have options and we think KERDI BOARD is a good one 😀

  2. Adam Verheyen says:

    My wife and I have plans, eventually, to actually double our bathroom space in the master bedroom. The insight you give with everything bathroom related makes me feel like I can tackle the project instead of paying someone else…which is huge since we just renovated our kitchen (not cheap!). Hopefully we can take advantage of the Kerdi Board to make this project super easy! Thanks again, Jeff!

    1. There’s no doubt that you can totally do this yourself Adam. I saw how you and your wife tackle projects. You know how to use Ditra and are familiar with that system. If you have any questions you know you can always ask Steve or myself. We’d be happy to help.

      KERDI-BOARD is so easy to install 😀

      1. Adam Verheyen says:

        We’ve used it before but it doesn’t mean we did it correctly. LOL

        We had issues with the floor Ditra but I think that was because we used pre-mixed mortar for the layer under the Ditra, causing some unevenness. I feel we know better now, though!

  3. robb cape says:

    Jeff & Steve,

    You make this look so easy!…. I have done a bathroom remodel with cement board in the tub surround … I would definitely step up with the schluder kerdi system!!!! Steve makes this look so easy…. looking forward to the next video! We are looking forward to remodel our bathroom! thanks again for the video!

    1. Thanks so much Robb, Steve is a Jedi master when it comes to KERDI-BOARD.

      But the cool part is anyone can learn to install it.

      KERDI-BOARD is super light and has so many advantages over cement board.

      Don’t get me wrong, cement board is a great option for the tub or shower, but that added waterproofing step can stump a lot of people.

  4. Kelli says:

    Looking forward to using Kerdi board for my shower stall project. No more leaks.

    1. That’s awesome Kelli, are you gonna tile your shower?

      1. Kelli says:

        Yes, that is the plan. I am still in the planning/learning stages.

  5. MARK says:

    Looks like a good system to use. I priced it out for my bathroom reno though and it was VERY expensive. You had to buy direct or through authorized dealers I believe – which contributed to the price. Still, based on the ease of installation shown above, it seems like it would be worth it.

    1. It can be pricey.

      The one thing to remember with cement board is that it requires either a liquid membrane or sheet membrane. So that adds to the price.

      My podcast episode 162 goes over the pricing for each system, it’s worth a listen.

  6. Renee says:

    We have plans to redo our main bath in the near future. We have been putting it off because of feeling that we just aren’t experienced enough to handle it. We both have enjoyed your tutorials so much, that we are beginning to feel if there is something that we run into, you and Steve probably have already addressed it! The Kerdi board looks amazing. So much more easy to handle than cement board (and so much more lighter!) Thanks for the insight to a tough project!

    1. You can always ask us a question Renee 😀

      It’s kind of cool to see someone else tackle a ‘tough’ project.

      That way you can learn from them. Plus, if you run into an issue we can walk you through it Renee.

  7. Toni Wetter says:

    I am going to be doing lots of renovations in the coming year or 2. The Kerdi Board sounds like a great thing for the bathroom and would love to have the impact driver to make the bathroom job easier.

    1. You’re in the right place Toni, we’re gonna have a lot of tutorials addressing bathroom remodeling. Let us know what you need and we’ll help you.

      What are your plans for your bathroom?

  8. Using the Kerdi board certainly simplifies the DIY enthusiast. I will probably use this product during the remodel of my basement with the addition of a bath in that area. Thanks so much for all the great information you provide on your episodes. Keep up the good work we really appreciate it.

    1. Thanks Bill, and the cool thing is that KERDI-BOARD can be used in the basement no problem. The booklet that comes with it has specific instructions showing you how to use it in that situation. Plus, since there’s no paper on it you know it won’t be susceptible to mold.

      Keep us posted on your project buddy.

  9. Wes says:

    I’m in the middle of a bathroom tear out getting ready to remodel. The timing of this video was great and the Kerdi board looks like a good option.

    Thanks for the video.

    1. Awesome Wes!!

      If you need any help with materials or tools or whatever we’re here.

      Send me an email any time

      [email protected]

  10. Deb says:

    This sounds perfect for the bathroom remodel I’m helping my sister with. The Kerdi board sounds and looks a whole lot simpler. One question though, the Kerdi board is only for shower or tub surrounds, right? You still have to use cement board on the floor under ceramic tile?

    1. That’s so cool Deb, you’re a great sister.

      Schluter has a shower kit that you might be interested in using.

      Here’s the link

      There are a lot of great options.

      Email me and we can talk more 😀

      [email protected]

  11. Mary says:

    Kerdi Board definitely looks easier than cement board. Any instructions on replacing a tub/shower with just a shower. I have been putting off that project for years, but now I might tackle it. I’ll be watching Deb’s post.
    Thanks for the information!

    1. We can help you with that Mary.

      Did you want to have a walk-in shower or one with a curb?

  12. Aimee says:

    Love that the Kerdi Board is lightweight. Maybe we will tackle the second bathroom problem after the holidays.

    1. It’s super light Aimee.

      Nice for hanging on walls and awkward shower/tub locations.

      When you’re ready to tackle the second bathroom let me know.

      We’ll lend you a hand 😀

  13. Dan Hobbs says:

    I am impressed with the Schluter Kerdi Board. Makes me want to consider it instead of tiling my shower area. I could definitely use the Milwaukee 12V 1/4″ Cordless Impact Driver to attach the Kerdi Board to the wall. Looking forward to part two of your tutorial!

    1. You tile right over the KERDI-BOARD Dan, so you’re in luck.

      It’s the substrate that accepts the tile.

      KERDI-BOARD, then thin-set, then tile 😀

  14. Raj Nidwannaya says:

    The Kerdi Board looks like a good option for our bath remodel project. How much of a price increase it it over a cement board?

    1. Great question Raj,

      So cement board is about $10-$12 per sheet (36″ x 60″ x 1/2″).

      We paid about $58 for a 48″ x 64″ x 1/2″ sheet.

      On the surface that seems very expensive, right?

      But keep in mind you have to waterproof the entire cement board system.

      And that’ll add $100-$200.

      Let’s figure out how much a standard bathtub alcove will cost for each system.

      A standard tub surround is 60″ by 32″

      You need at least 4 to 5 cement board panels = $40-$50
      Alkali resistant mesh tape = $7
      Thin-set = $30-$60
      Cement Board Screws = $8 (150 count)
      Liquid Membrane = $100-$200
      Total = $185-$225

      Okay, now the KERDI-BOARD

      4 KERDI-BOARD panels (48″ x 64″ x 1/2″) = $240
      KERDI-BAND = $28
      Schluter Screws = $11
      Schluter Washers = $9
      KERDI-FIX = $50 (2 tubes)
      Total = $338

      About $113 more for KERDI-BOARD.

      Either system is acceptable, hope this breakdown and tutorial help you 😀

  15. Matt Palazola says:

    Eventually planning on renovation two full baths. Just have to get to 400 other things first!

    1. I feel your pain brother, my to-do list is ridiculous.

      When you pull the trigger let us know.

      We’ll help you

  16. Shawn says:

    This helps my planning of my upcoming basement bathroom project.

  17. Squafdonoboles says:

    Lose the beard.

    1. It’s Movember, lol.

      And getting cold here in Pittsburgh, haha.

    1. You certainly can Mary Jo

  18. Celene says:

    Strange question, but do you think the Kerdi Board could be installed reversed on an outdoor tree house to add a light layer of waterproofing and insulation? The impact driver would definitely help with the tree house.

    1. Hmm, interesting Celene.

      You could do that but you’d still have to waterproof the outside corners and seems.

      That’s one interesting tree house, I’d love to see it

  19. Robert Marshall says:

    Just in time!! I will be tearing out and re-tiling my tub surround this winter and will most definitely use Kerdi board!! I have worked with hardibacker board on my kitchen floor and found it to be difficult to cut and tough to fasten to the floor.

    1. Utility knife, that’s it for cutting KERDI-BOARD.

      I don’t mind HardieBacker for floors but it is tedious adding all the screws.

      You can use Schluter DITRA for the floor and that’s pretty easy to install.

      We’re gonna have a tutorial on that hopefully soon 😀

  20. Ryan says:

    The additional cost of Kerdi seems to be balanced out by the easy of installation. I will definitely consider Kerdi when I decide to tackle the guest bathroom!

    1. You’re exactly right Ryan, plus how often are we gonna remodel our bathrooms.

      Hopefully once every 20-30 years…hopefully, lol

  21. Kristen says:

    Our only shower is from 1985 and is taken over by mold – but it is so expensive to have it professionally done that we just don’t have the budget to fix it. Your video makes me think we can do it ourselves (and I hope you haven’t been oversimplifying anything to trick us!). Thanks for showing the process, tools, and time required!

    1. No oversimplifying Kristen, next week we’ll show you Part 2 of this installation.

      The entire thing takes 4-8 hours depending on your still level.

      But it’s easier than other methods.

      Any time you need help Kristen you can email me

      [email protected]

  22. Gina G says:

    I am house hunting right now, and it’s almost sure to have to be a fixer upper. I can’t do heavy lifting so the Schluter Kerdi board looks very appealing. Every repair I find that I feel capable of doing myself, adds to the list of bargain houses I can consider. Thanks for broadening my options.

    1. Glad to help Gina, let me know when you find your house!!

      I’m super excited for you 😀

  23. Anita says:

    Finally a way to make it easier for any one to redo their own bathroom. I am a 5’4″ female and knowing about this Kerdi-board gives me enough confidence that I could tackle redoing my two bathrooms. I have been needing to do this for 19yrs. Now I am actually looking forward to get it done.
    Thanks for letting us know about this product, the tutorial,and as an added bonus, the chance to win the tools to do it with.????

    1. No need to wait any longer Anita, you can handle the KERDI-BOARD no problem. And if you have any questions you know where to come. We’d be happy to help you 😀

  24. Robin Begrow says:

    This is awesome!! The older I get I can’t tackle tough jobs with not only heavy lifting but being bulky just adds to the agony! LOL Now knowing about the Schluter Kerdi board gives me a more positive outlook on tackling a new surround.
    I appreciate all the tips and videos you share with us! Thank you

    1. Agony is right Robin, especially when handling heavy stuff. That’s just one reason I like the KERDI-BOARD. You can definitely do a reno with this 😀

  25. Brenda Hatzman says:

    This Kerdi-Board’s light weight will make redoing my tub surround so much easier. I have problems lifting heavy drywall due to torn rotator cuffs, so light weight and ease of cutting is the ticket for me and anyone else with lifting limitations.

  26. dennis allen says:

    great product jeff. I wish this was available or I knew about it when I redid my shower about 5 years ago. I used greenboard even though I didn’t have to for my cultured marble shower.

  27. Bob n Tina says:

    This couldn’t have come at a better time! One bathroom has been gutted, waiting on final plans to put back together. Can’t wait to show this product to Bob in the morning! And all the other information you’ve included. Thank you for being right on time,
    P.S. Winning the Milwaukee 12V 1/4″ Cordless Impact Driver Kit would be great. Thank you for the chance. Good luck all.

  28. Michelle Lewis says:

    You make it sound and look doable! I think I almost have the confidence to tackle a bathroom update!

  29. sonja walker says:

    I have been putting off water proofing the wall we have behind a dog tub we installed in our garage. My husband has NO desire to tackle this project. Sounds like I could handle the Kerri Board. Now I need the Impact Driver, please!

  30. William Whitney says:

    Being a plumber I love to learn of new things . I have been talking with my contractor about this stuff . We are on the verge of testing it , we do some big showers and always looking for ways to improve our work . Thanks for the info

  31. Troy Gibson says:

    Wanna replace all the tile around the whirlpool bathtub and the shower. Bring me out of the 80s!

  32. simplydab says:

    The Kerdi-Board would definitely make our (planned) bathroom renovation a LOT easier! We currently have one of those single unit shower thingys (highly technical, I know!!) in the master bathroom. I’d love to take it out and put in a real shower (tile walls) and also tile the walls surrounding the soaker tub. My boyfriend doesn’t want to do that much work as he thinks it’s too daunting (plus, that much cement board would kill both our backs!!).

    But with this….. totally doable. Bookmarked for reference once we get to that point!! 🙂

  33. Rich says:

    Would love the peace of mind Kerdi would provide me on my shower renovation. As a first time remodeler I am concerned about putting expensive tile over a leaky substrate and having to rip it out again in a few years.

  34. Jim Bailey says:

    I’m planning to remodel our tiny master bath into a decent size master bath. We’d like to install a tile shower 5′ wide and 3 1/2′ deep. I’ll check out the Kerdi board.

  35. Bill Logue says:

    Part of remodeling my 80 year old house is a bathroom in an attached apartment.
    The Kerdi board looks easy enough for even me to try.

    Bill Logue

  36. Linda P says:

    This is such a cool product because it lets non-super heros tackle the bathroom project that would otherwise be extremely difficult to do. I know the money difference could be an issue for some, but it is cheaper than a back injury that sends you to the doctor. Would love to win the impact driver too!

  37. Jeff Grant says:

    I could use the driver and the Kerfi-board for my bathroom redo !!!!!!!

  38. Kathleen devries says:

    This looks like I would be able to tackle the bathroom. Definitely a product I will be looking into.

  39. Dave says:

    The Kerdi board is awesome I have used it to do my bathroom and it easy would recommend to anyone.

  40. Rob S says:

    That Kerdi-board looks like something I might be able to handle!

  41. Jake trierweiler says:

    Wow that looks way easier to use than cement board. My wife and I are remodeling our 120 year old house and we will have to try that for the bathrooms. The impact would be great for any of our projects! I love your blog I check out all of your new content when I get a chance! Thanks for the great info!

  42. Hank Wolgast says:

    The Kerdi-Board would definitely make our future bathroom remodel a whole lot easier, that’s for sure. Winning the Milwaukee 12V 1/4″ Cordless Impact Driver Kit would be great.and I could use it for so many other projects too. Thanks for giving me a chance to win one.

  43. Donna Raterman says:

    I am planning on doing several renovations over the next couple years, and I am really liking the Schluter Kerdi Board! I would definitely LOVE to have a Milwaukee 12V 1/4″ Cordless Impact Driver Kit to help ease the renovating! It would really help cut down on the time and effort spent! It would be a blessing to have this!!

  44. Drew says:

    Never thought I would actually think about tackling this job myself, but this tutorial, and Kerdi Board, make it seem like something I could do.

  45. Pasquel Ross says:

    I LOVED this video! I’ve always been afraid to even consider tackling the shower because I’ve heard horror stories about difficulty and small mistakes leading to huge problems and huge dollars, but this makes me feel very confident. This DIY, I’ll give a try! Thanks!

  46. erin hicks says:

    I have remodeled numerous bathrooms using cement board which was a huge pain and time consuming with all the steps required. The Kerdi Board looks amazing and what a time saver but also being totally waterproof. And since it is so light and easy to cut, I can tackle the bathroom on my own while my husband is away hunting. Time to start designing the plans for the next remodel – as soon as I win the drill. Thanks…

  47. Maria says:

    Wow. I wish I’d known about this board before I had my bathroom refinished! I’ll definitely know for the next go-round! I love your site Jeff 🙂

  48. Marylou J. says:

    Thanks for giving me a great solution for “fixing” my current bathroom. I have had a skylight leakage problem for a while now and the ceiling in my bathtub/shower is collapsing. Not to mention, I now have a mold problem. I have been trying to save money to tear out my (moldy) fiberglass shower surround/tub and replacing it with a spa-type shower. This Kerdi Board product is definitely a dream-come-true!!! Thanks for all the great advice and photos! You make me feel like I can do it all myself — and I am 67 years old. ;O}

  49. Britton Dodd says:

    KERDI board sounds like a win-win between waterproofing and being much easier to handle and install than concrete board. Also, I can’t tell you how useful a impact driver would be…I used one once, and it was simply amazing for so many reasons. The one I used was an old one, and really didn’t have the oomph that the newer models have, and they’re pretty expensive, but impact drivers totally would make any project so much easier to accomplish…I couldn’t promise I wouldn’t use it to work on car stuff either 🙂


  50. Debbie How says:

    Having watched the tutorial on installing Kerdi Board, I can see the need to use this product when renovating or installing a new bathroom. Unfortunately, we had both our bathrooms renovated 3 years ago. Not sure if he used this product or if it was even available back then, but definitely the next reno will include Kerdi Board. I may even use it behind my kitchen backsplash! I am collecting tools and a new DIYer and would love to the Milwaukee M12 Impact Driver. : )

  51. Pam Kemp says:

    this is really good to know we are working on a really bad redo… giving up seem the best idea

  52. Wow, this looks like a great product, Keri Broads! I am definitely going to be using this on my next bathroom redo.

  53. Is KERDI Board as strong as cement board? Would the KERDI stand up to a heavy person leaning their weight against it? As light as it is, a 1/2 inch foam board might flex and cause the tile grout to crack under the weight.

  54. Mike ruf says:

    I first ran into Schluter when I was at Home Depot a year ago when I was trying to figure out how to end my backsplash in the kitchen because they did not make a bull nose tile in the color we chose. I saw a few samples of choices in the small display. At that point I got on their website and saw all the choices I could order. I planned on just using the PVC type, but I really put a lot of thought into how it would end. In the end, I stuck with the white PVC and it looks so good. I get a lot of compliments. While I was on their site I saw the Kerdi- Board. It looks incredible. I need to remodel 2 of the 3 bathrooms we have and water leaks from the bathroom and then down onto the garage ceiling (thanks to builders who rush). I could really achieve so much more with Kerdi Board.

  55. Anna Fragiorgi says:

    I would love the peace of mind that this KERDI-BOARD would give us. I have been looking into remodeling our bathroom and updating it and not only would this KERDI-BOARD be great in the shower and in the tub, but the Milwaukee Impact Driver would be the bees knees to use on the project. 😉

  56. Rob Whitfield says:

    My grout lines are filled with Mold. I’ve always wanted to start fresh with whole new tub and tile. Never thought I could afford. Your video makes it look easy to diy!

  57. Henry says:

    This product looks interesting, but I’m daunted by the price. If having a PRO do it, the difference in price would be negligible, as the bulk of a tile job cost is labor. Being a DIY person, when I can tile my entire kitchen countertops with 12×12 porcelain, set on cement board (over the top of a solid plywood base) for $300-400, spending 4-5x as much per sqft for the KERDI backerboard product would add up quickly!

    That being said, if I had the money saved up, I’ve love to use this product to replace our fiberglass tub/shower with a tiled shower when the kids get out of the “bath” years. Having a product that’s light, easy to cut (cleanly), etc. would be awesome!

  58. Char says:

    Hi Jeff, Been out of town with childhood friend. Catching up.
    As usual 2 things happen with your emails on the bathroom:
    1) filed in my Jeff/Repair file for the day I will need it and
    2) emailed to daughter and son in law who are preparing to do an entire bathroom. Since one bathroom in their ‘new to them home’ came with only a commode, sink and bare walls/floors.
    This will be a huge job and very costly. Then the other bathroom is very questionable as well so that will need doing as well.
    There is no doubt that KeriBoard will be so important, but to use it–helping them out with the Milwaukee Impact Driver would be so fantastic. For it’s efficiency and to help with the cost for sure. They need all the help they can get since they have never taken on such a huge job and cannot afford to have someone else do it. They have been saving up for 3 years and are getting ready.
    As usual–invaluable information. Thank you so much!

  59. Daniel says:

    The Kerdi board looks like a breeze. We have a guest bathroom that is going to need replumbed and remodeled in the near future so kerdi board and the impact drill would come in real handy.

  60. Ingrid says:

    Thanks for the price breakdown comparing cost of using cement board vs. Keri Board. Although more expensive, I would have to go with the Keri Board just for the ease of use.

  61. Charles Bonner says:

    I have a walk-in shower that needs work. This looks so much easier than cement board. Would the Kerdi board also work for flooring substrate?

  62. susan king says:

    Wow ! Kerdi is so much easier to handle ! We have an older mobile home in northern MN that needs a ton of work . This would be awesome to use for fixing up everything !! And thank you for the chance to win the drill !!

  63. Gladys says:

    I never would have considered doing this job as DIYers but with the Kerdi Board it looks much more doable. Of course the Milwaukee impact driver would be very useful when we get to redoing the shower and other parts of our bathroom. We have MANY other projects in our new (to us) home where we could use the impact driver too. We love this home but it will be so much work!

  64. Dennis R Cheney says:

    I love the idea of it being light as it will be much easier than the cement board. Also that it is water proof should my pipes leak, it will still hold up. Next home I build I will use it.

  65. john burke says:

    impact driver would make it so much easier

  66. Linda says:

    I would love to try this. I am a woman with a no “handy man” husband. Some projects need a little extra “umph” with the kerdi boards, looks like it would be so easy for 1 person. The impact would come in handy too.

  67. Claudia Gonzalez says:

    I’m in the process of demo’ing the master bathroom. While I do not know how much further I can take this project by myself, seeing these videos and the lightweight Kerdi Board means I can take it one step further on my own.

  68. Catherine Dluhos says:

    Hi Jeff! Thank you so much for advising us about the KERDI-BOARD.
    This sounds like the ultimate answer to waterproofing the walls behind our bathroom tile and tub surrounds. Is so great when new products are invented to make home projects easier to get done right! The new Milwaukee Drill will certainly come in handy for these future home repair and remodling projects! THANKS????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  69. Lupe Nunez says:

    I love that Kerdi Board is an easy product to use and cut and looks lighter. I’m doing my homework and watching these bathroom videos as I plan my bathroom renovation and an add on bathroom. I’m new to the DIY and nervous about starting but these videos are informative and make it look easy. I could sure use the tools Steve uses.

  70. Lisa Lewand says:

    My son, 26, just bought an 1890s house and is renovating the whole house himself, die the most part. He is doing the bathroom this weekend! I am forwarding this to him so he can see for himself how much easier it will be using Kerdi Board – especially since his only helper will be me!

  71. paul says:

    Why would you not use Kerdi-board for entire bathroom walls and ceilings instead of just tub surround. This entire room is a mold pit. Looking forward to trying it for myself.

  72. Gina G says:

    I have been dreaming of taking on a project like this myself, but worried about lifting heavy boards. This product makes my goal seem much more attainable. Thanks for the ideas and the tutorial.

  73. Clair Wall says:

    Oh well… Missed the deadline for the giveaway by an hour. But… I am so thrilled with the tutorial! I Know I could do this, and plan to. Forget cement board! I can’t wait!

    Thank you both!

  74. Allen Waters says:

    WOW! Great product. I have back issues, nerve damage & a piece of bone missing in my shoulder, but I’m a relentless DIYer. I’m in the 2nd year of a fixer upper & need all the help I can get. This product gives me new hope. I dare anyone to say the name 6x without biting your tongue.
    Keep up the good work & thank you.

  75. Glenn Van Iderstine says:

    I am in the process of replacing my faucets in the tub and this Kerdi-Board will be just the thing for replacing the wall.Thanks for the info and video on this job I will be doing.

  76. jim pickett says:

    the kerdi-board looks like a much easier process than what i remember having to do in my last house. unfortunatly in my ‘new’ house i just found out i have two bathrooms that need to be redone due to the age of one and an improper remodel on the other. i can’t think of a better way to spend time and money than throwing it into my bathrooms. besides it will make my wife and kids very happy. more my wife on that one.

  77. Tim Sharp says:

    I recently inherited a house, The main floor bathroom has a walkin sunken shower that measures approx 6 ft x 10 ft. I couldnt imagine using cement board on the shower remodel. The Kerdi-Board will truley make the remodel a Do it yourself project that I can handle by myself and be totally waterproof. I was dreading this project, but with Kerdi-Board, I’m confident and excited to begin the remodel, Thank You, Tim

  78. Georgette says:

    Yes, I love products that really perform and are
    not so heavy to install. You’ve got all hyped to
    redo the bathroom (that needs so much help!)
    I would love to win the Milwaukee Impact Driver too!!!

  79. Brenda Cook says:

    All I can say is WOW!! Using KERDI-BOARD appears to be extremely easy. Makes a perfect items for DIYers to use. Actually makes me believe that I can do the job myself. Just need the right tools. Winning the impact driver would be incredible. Your tutorials give me hope, and the confidence, that I can do repairs or remodeling myself. Thanks! 🙂

  80. kevin says:

    we are thinking about re-do our small bathroom ourselves. this KERDI-BOARD board would make it easier. Thanks!

  81. great instructions and pictures. The product is above all others

  82. Nick says:

    Hello Jeff,

    Great web site and great instructions. Which thinset would you recommend for installing Kerdi Board over Durock CBU and would you also dampen or latex prime the CBU the way it’s done before covering it with Kerdi membrane? Would Ardex X5 be good choice for this job?
    Thanks in advance.

    1. Great question Nick. You actually don’t have to install KERDI-BOARD over cement board.

      You can attach the KERDI-BOARD directly to the studs then tile over that. We like Ardex X77 for large format tiles.

      What kind of tiles are you using?

  83. Nancy says:

    Can I use the keri board behind a fiberglass tub surround instead of cement board? Also, do I take it to the ceiling or do I put green board at the top? Again, I am not putting up tile, I am putting up a fiberglass tub surround.

    1. Which tub surround are you using Nancy? I’d like to get you the best advice 🙂

  84. LF says:

    Hi Jeff, A couple of questions, here.

    We are installing 1/2 inch Kerdi board on our flanged tub. I was wondering about the method of setting of the kerdi board on top of the flange. To keep the flange flush with the kerdi board, would I have to shift the tub? Why is it not one in the traditional way where people slide the board down into the flange? Does the water load from the tiles just trickle down and find the Kerdi band to drain onto the flange?

    Have you used the DILEX AS perimeter joint on a flanged tub? It interests me because it advertises that it is a caulkless system.

  85. Kristen V. says:

    Just about to instal Kerdi in our shower, but have a question. Your instructions and video mention the importance of all studs being flush. My question is how flush is “flush”? I have one stud along the back wall that is probably and 1/8 inch shy in a section. (Wood quality these days is horrible). Do I need to try and shim that section or is that close enough? First time and don’t want to mess it up. Love your videos btw!!

  86. Laurel says:

    In the Kerdi installation instructions, it seems to state that a solid surface backer board is needed, but here you’ve attached it only to the studs, and the Kerdi board appears to have some flexibility (which seems risky). What’s the deal? Thanks!!

    1. Thanks Laurel for your question. KERDI-BOARD can be attached to bare studs. We work closely with Schluter while doing our videos and they approve them for the video goes on YouTube. Keep in mind that 1/2″ KERDI-BOARD requires 16″ on-center stud spacing to minimize deflection. Hope that helps.

      1. GHall says:

        The video mentions that 1/2″ board requires studs on 16″ centers but the last piece installed around the mixing valve appears to have studs closer to 24″ or more on centers. Is this okay for one wall? My shower has the same stud layout. 16″ centers for everything but the wall with the plumbing. I have one spacing around 20″.

  87. Kadan says:

    Can Kerdi board be placed over drywall? I’m using 1/2 Kerdi and when placed directly over studs, it is not flush with existing drywall. I need an additional 1/2 to make walls flush. Thanks!

  88. Amy W. says:

    Hi Jeff! So I got home from picking up my 1/2″ Kerdi board, started the demo on our fiberglass shower surround and realized immediately that my walls are 3/4″. Wondering if I should return the boards and get 3/4″ or you would recommend feathering it in. The tiles I am placing are 12×24.

  89. Sean says:

    I am planning on using Kerri board for shower walls coming down to a flush stone shower basin — wondering if you have any advice on accounting for thickness of Kerri board/thin set/tile on walls when framing space for shower base — 1/2″ Keri board + ?

  90. Andrew says:

    Hi Jeff,
    I have noticed that horizontal joint between two kerdi boards does not have continuous stud solid wood backing behind, as studs run vertically.
    is this OK? Schluter says need continuous backing along vertical joint, but nothing about horizontal one. I would like to have no backing please, over 16′ stud centers…

  91. Mike says:

    I am using kerdi in a steam shower and need to know what I need to use to seal the joints in the panels. I have a concrete slab and do I need to apply anything to seal the floor of shower. We are going to use cultured marble for the walls, floor and ceiling of shower.

  92. Edward Tarasiewicz says:

    Hi! I used schluter’s unmodified thinset for kerdi membrane over the kerdi board. Is the thinset supposed to be gritty? On the videos, all the thinset used looks smooth

  93. Patrick says:

    Hi, I am following your instructions to remodel my bathroom using kerdi board around the tub. I have a question that I was hoping to get your assistance with, we had a plumber install the mixer for the shower and update the plumbing. Should the kerdi be flush with the drywall that is already hung up on the studs or does it need to be fur’d out to make the kardi board flush with the mixer for the shower? I really appreciate all your help!

  94. Miranda says:

    Hi jeff…we used hardibacker 500 in our shower and we plan to Kerdi-Band all the seams then use red guard or a similar liquid waterproofed. Is this ok to do???

  95. Lindsay Sheridan says:

    Have you tried a wet shim method to the studs? I’ve seen a few videos explaining this method, and it is approved by Schluter. Any tips? Or is it better to sister stud?

  96. GHall says:

    The video mentions that 1/2″ board requires studs on 16″ centers but the last piece installed around the mixing valve appears to have studs closer to 24″ or more on centers. Is this okay for one wall? My shower has the same stud layout. 16″ centers for everything but the wall with the plumbing. I have one spacing around 20″.

  97. Simon says:

    Hi – I noticed that you set a piece of plywood flush in between the studs to cover some of the plumbing before the Kerdi Board. What is the reason for this?

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