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How to Level Concrete Floor (Basement Bathroom)

Super Important Tips

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by Jeff Patterson in DIY Bathroom Remodel
How to Level Concrete Floor

In today’s tutorial you’ll learn how to level concrete floor spaces, specifically for basement bathrooms.

What are the steps? What tools make this easier?

We’ll deep dive into details and share our latest project, which involves building a basement bathroom.

Let’s start!


Prep for Concrete Basement Floors

Most basement floors are sloped toward a drain. This creates major problems for basement bathroom remodels.

Step one is to lay a 2×4 along the floor and determine low and high spots.

Next, add concrete screws as height indicators. Use a hammer drill and masonry bit to drill through the concrete floor.

Then install concrete screws at the correct height to indicate how much self leveler to use.

Learning how to level concrete floor areas, the right way, is important.

But unfortunately there are two additional steps that some people forget.

We’ll share those in the video, enjoy

How to Add Self Leveler

Laticrete’s NXT self leveler is great for basements.

The first step is to accurately measure how much water is needed. This is critical because if there’s too much or too little water NXT won’t perform – and that goes for all self levelers.

Wear a silica dust respirator and pour water into a large mixing barrel, then add NXT. Mix per Laticrete’s directions then immediately pour NXT over prepped and primed concrete floors.

Six bags of NXT were required for this basement bathroom, and a floor squeegee was used to spread it evenly. Add enough NXT to cover the floor screw indicators.

Wait 24 hours or until the leveler has cured then it’s okay to set a bathtub or tile the floor.

Watch our video to see how to mix NXT and why leveling a basement bathroom is so important


What’s Next

Our next video will share tips for installing a bathtub in a basement bathroom.

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Jeff Patterson





P.S. Many thanks to our awesome Laticrete rep, Gary Jones, for helping us with this basement bathroom. Gary is fantastic, answered questions on Saturdays, and provided detailed technical support. He made us believers in Laticrete and their products.

  1. Tracey says:

    How would you adapt this process to use self leveling concrete on a wood sub floor? I would like to lay 12″x24″ floor tiles in an upstairs bathroom. What is the level floor tolerance value needed to ensure they wont crack? FYI, thanks to some of your previous videos, I know that I will need to use a decoupling mat.

    1. Hey Tracey, the biggest tip for decoupling mats like Ditra or Strata_Mat is to know what the manufacturer requires for the subfloor thickness and joist spacing. Once that’s determined then you can plan the self leveling. I’ll reach out to you and get more details.

  2. Cherrywoods says:

    Great! immediately pour NXT over prepped and primed concrete floors.

  3. Kent says:

    Once I apply the self-leveler, I calculate that I will have about 1 to 1 1/2 inches difference between the bathroom floor and the floor of the next room at the doorway. How do you handle the transition when you have that kind of change in floor height?

  4. Lee Stanford says:

    looking to apply this method to existing saltillo tile floors, any thoughts? No drains to worry about, but the house does have 2 bedrooms with carpet so there will be some issues to deal with once the carpet is removed and the amount of transition is determined. Can self leveling concrete go over wood subfloors too?

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