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How to Make a Rustic Picture Frame

1 Day Project

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by Jeff Patterson in Interior DIY Projects

As I write this the holidays are approaching FAST.

This is the best time of year to show off pictures.

And maybe your DIY skills, too.

This past weekend, okay maybe two weekends ago, I saw a really cool idea on Pinterest.

So I did what any savvy DIYer does…modify it.

I took one piece of wood and made a really cool rustic picture frame.

This is an easy 1 day project.

Plus, there’s another awesome tool giveaway this week (don’t miss out):D

The original design I saw on Pinterest had a mason jar hung from a rustic piece of wood.

Candle Board

I though this was really neat but decided to spruce up the appearance with two simple picture frame slots.

Here are the supplies you’ll need

  • 1 x 8 x 24 inch piece of wood ($11 for Oak or FREE)
  • Pencil (FREE)
  • Measuring tape (FREE or borrow)
  • Combination square (FREE or $12)
  • Respirator or dust mask (FREE or $4 to $29)
  • Random orbital sander ($69 or FREE if you win it)
  • 120 and 220 grit sand paper for sander ($5)
  • Drill and Drill bits (FREE or borrow)
  • Jigsaw (FREE or borrow)
  • Sheet of 220 sand paper ($2)
  • Minwax wood conditioner ($8)
  • Minwax polyshades ($8 for half pint)
  • Tack Cloth ($2)
  • Rag (FREE)
  • Steel Wool #0000 ($3)
  • Gloves (FREE or $3)
  • Foam applicator ($1)
  • Rust Oleum Spray Paint ($6)
  • Hobby chain (7 inches for $1)
  • Mason jar (FREE or $2)
  • Hook (FREE or $4)
  • Pictures (FREE)
  • Sand (FREE or $2)
  • Votive candle (FREE or $1)

I bought the oak for this project but you could use scrap.

Or better yet get some wood from an old barn…this sometimes is the best wood for these kind of projects.

The first step is to prep your wood by sanding it and there’s no better tool than a random orbital sander.


Prepping the wood for your rustic picture frame

I chose the 1 x 8 x 24 inch piece of oak because it looks really good on most any wall.

And it gives us the opportunity to use two 4 x 6 pictures.

Sand the entire piece of wood with 120 grit.

I like to sand down the edges to give the wood a more subdued look.

Wipe off any dust with a rag then place a 220 grit sanding disk on your sander or use a 220 grit piece of sand paper.

Sand wood with 120 then 220 grit

You can sand by hand but the random orbital sander is so much better.

If you need to buy one kind of sander this is the type to get.

As I’ve said before, I really REALLY like Bosch tools.

I’ve used this sander for sanding wood, metal, etc.

It’s a workhorse and has a filter system that cuts down on the dust.

Once you’re done sanding position your first picture on the wood.

Position pictures

I placed my first picture about 2 inches from the top of the wood and centered.

The second picture can be positioned 2 inches below the first and centered.

Grab your measuring tape or combination square and draw rectangles on the wood that represent the pictures.

Make these rectangles 1/8 inch smaller on sides.

For example, if you’re using a 4 x 6 picture make the rectangle in the wood 3.75 x 5.75 inches and center it.

The reason we do this is because we’ll be taping the 4 x 6 to the back of the wood.

I hope this makes sense but let me know if you have a question.

Take your pencil and mark circles in the corners of each rectangle.

Drill a 1/4 inch hole through these circles.

Drills holes in corners

Slide your jigsaw blade through these holes and saw out the rectangles.

You’ll need a somewhat steady hand but don’t fret if you mess up a little, I did.

Plus, this is suppose to be a rustic picture frame. Not a PERFECT picture frame 😀

Sand down any jagged wood created by the sawing. Use the 220 grit.

Rub off wood dust with a rag then use your tack cloth to remove any fine particles.

The next step is the super fun part…Staining!


Staining rustic picture frames (this is the fun part my peeps)

There are a ton of different ways to stain wood.

I chose to use Minwax Polyshades because it combines stain and polyurethane.

If you go this route you may want to use the Minwax wood conditioner.

Apply wood conditioner

It helps even stain application on the wood and prevent blotchiness.

Read the directions though because you have to apply stain shortly after using the conditioner.

Allow the conditioner to dry then you can apply your stain.

Here’s the deal though, if you use the wood conditioner you CANNOT use a water-based stain.

That’s one reason I chose the Polyshades. The second reason I like Polyshades is because it has both the stain and polyurethane combined.

This severely cuts down on the time it takes to make the rustic picture frame.

Most of us do these kind of projects on the weekend and the last thing we need is to spend 16 hours staining something!!

The Polyshades dries pretty quick and you’ll be able to get multiple coats on the wood in one day.

You can use a rag, brush, or foam applicator to apply the Polyshades.

Apply Polyshades

Experiment on a scrap piece of wood to see which application technique works for you.

It took me two coats of Polyshades to get the finish I wanted.

Lightly sand the wood with #0000 steel wool between coats to ensure the second stain application will stick. Use the tack cloth after the steel wool.

Once you’re satisfied with the rustic appearance you can attach the mason jar.

One tip, don’t use an impact driver to drive screws into the picture frame. Primarily because the driver will snap the screw heads.

Yep, this happened to me!! Instead, use a normal drill to pre-drill holes and a screwdriver to secure hardware screws.

Watch the video to see the final outcome and how to prep the mason jar.

You could totally do this in one day and have an awesome looking rustic picture frame. I think you’re gonna like this!!



What’s Next

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Thanks as always for reading, watching, and being part of our awesome community.

Ask your questions below and we’d be happy to help.


Jeff Patterson





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  1. David Devlin says:

    I love projects like this… helps get my creative juices flowing again during my winter depression.

    1. I hear ya David, it’s been a little depressing here in Pittsburgh!!

      Got any projects you’re working on right now?

  2. Benita Collins says:

    Wood Pallet Accent Wall

    1. Oh yah, that sounds really cool Benita!!

      I saw a few wood pallet walls on Pinterest and they look amazing. You can do it!!

  3. Char says:

    Great one again, might try with some old fencing that looks like barn wood for family room.
    Like it a lot.
    Sander–lol for me–could be used to sand moldings that have not been installed for over [__?] -let’s just say more years than the age of your daughter. Just have not been able to tackle it with so MANY pieces and some pieces so long. This sander would encourage me for sure to finally finish this very ‘needed’ project.

    1. That would look so cool Char. I’d love to see your final project. You gotta send me some pictures!!

  4. Linda S. says:

    I would love this, we have an old Victorian House that we are slowly restoring, this would come in handy getting through the” thousand” layers of paint that have been put on over the years

    1. Victorian homes are so beautiful Linda. All the intricacy and craftsmanship. I love seeing them in the older neighborhoods in Pittsburgh. A lot of work for sure but worth it.

  5. Marcee says:

    Love the project!

    My two cats have ‘passed’ to greener pastures! The orbital sander would really help me repair the damage they left behind on mouldings, stair rails, doors, etc. If I didn’t have those constant reminders I might consider getting another cat someday…..

    1. Sorry to hear about your cats Marcee 🙁

      Are you planning on painting or staining the mouldings, stair rails, and doors?

      1. Marcee says:

        All are stained wood – and look absolutely terrible! Any ideas on how to repair these would be so helpful. Maybe you could do a session on mitigating the damage done by our pets! LOL! I also have two dogs (large) and they’ve done their share of damage too. Since one is a Newfie, the molding around the windows really takes a beating from his slobber and the occasional jumping on the sill as well as the scratches on the floor molding. Sigh….. We do love our pets, but they do take a toll on one’s house! 😉

  6. Teresa Hoye says:

    This would make a great Christmas present! Thank you so much.

    1. I totally agree Teresa. Although the back of mine is a bit shoddy. I’d have to sand it down and apply a coat of the Polyshades before giving it away.

      1. Teresa says:

        If you do this project you would sand the back to make it look good for gifts.
        Keep all these videos coming, I watch them all!

  7. Ann says:

    I love it. The picture frame tutorial is terrific. I buy picture frames at thrift stores & then clean them (including the glass) & sometimes modify them. One was “carved”. I painted it black, added an inner border of sparkling silver trim (from the fabric shop) & framed a fabric picture I’d bought at …yep… the thrift store. On the wall the photo looks expensive & spectacular & it’s just one of those preprinted, fill in the colors with markers pictures. Sometimes old wooden frames need a bit of refurbishing. Rub the wood with a nut meat (chose a nut that is soft enough to press into tiny scratches peanut is my favorite.) This fills in tiny scratches & when buffed the frame has a old looking (bit of a shine) patina. Another fancy frame fix: paint the frame (white or black work well) & then using a bit of sponge (I like to cut a piece from one of those big round sponge) “spackle” the painted frame with gold or silver paint. (You can do this on a wall too. Just paint the base color then “sponge spackle” a random pattern onto the wall I love your projects.

    1. Oh my god, you have some great tips Ann!!!

      Thanks so much for sharing because I bet you just inspired a ton of people to try your methods. I’ve hear the nut technique before but haven’t tried it.

      Thanks again 😀

    2. Char says:

      What a great tip Ann. Anxious to try the ‘nut ‘ technique on frames I also buy at thrift stores, as well as dings on my good ones here. Thank you very much!

    3. Squafdonoboles says:

      Great ideas, Ann!

  8. Renee says:

    Hi Jeff – cute idea. Think that I could handle this one! I would love to win that sander! In fact, I just had to borrow my dad’s sander for a bench that I made from pallets for a fundraiser at work. All I had was a little palm sander. Dad’s Bosch cut through those pallets like nothing!!! That little sucker has some power!

    1. Power is right Renee. This little dude is the bomb. I really like sanders that have the filtration system on them. Of course wearing a respirator is a good idea, too 😀

  9. Stephen Savarimuthu says:

    My wife and I are restoring a built-in media cabinet in our new home. We are wanting to take out a few of the shelves, sand down the entire cabinet (it is quite large) and reprint it all. Then, we will mount our TV into the spot where the shelves once were. This sander would expedite the process exponentially!

  10. Anna says:

    This would be awesome as I need to finish my butcher block counter tops!

    1. Butcher block looks so cool Anna. What kind of finish do you need to put on them?

  11. James perry says:

    Great idea! Though I prefer the older look of barn wood. I saw a post that used vinegar and steel wool to “age” wood, I live in Alaska and not much old wood here.

    1. Vinegar and steel wool, hmmm. I might have to try that James. Thanks buddy for the tip 😀

      1. j stone says:

        I did the vinegar/steel wool stain method on a desk. The look turned out excellent. I checked out tons of tutorials before doing so, they all said about the same thing. I made a desk out of yardsticks, 2x4s, salvaged bed support boards, and pallet wood. Here is the problem: NONE of the tutorials said anything about SEALING over the stain. One of my cats threw up on my desk, and when I wiped up with a dry napkin, the stain lifted!! Yep, I had spots on my desk top without stain. I tried to retouch the spots, it didn’t look very good. Live and learn I suppose. I had a glass top made for my desk to protect it.

  12. Angel Feliciano says:

    As always very informative and inspirational keep those videos coming Jeff and Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all !!!

    1. Aw, thanks so much Angel. Right back at you. Enjoy this time of year with your family. And yep, there’s more to come 😀

  13. mankyle says:

    Awesome. I have started making traditional picture frames and the sander would be great for the final finishing, especially when the mitered corners get a bit off and I have to make some “modifications”.

    1. I’ve made several “modifications” myself, haha. Great job with taking on picture frame making. I’d love to see some of your work 😀

  14. Patti says:

    We are moving into a new house and I’ve got all kinds of projects brewing in my mind. Can’t wait to get moved in and get started. Shelves, frames, etc.

    1. Congrats Patti on your new home. What project are you gonna tackle first?

  15. Patti Griffin says:

    I love this idea. I hope to start making this shortly after the new year. So thankful for your creative ideas. Love to read your blog. Thanks.

    1. Thanks so much Patti. I get a lot wonderful ideas from you and the other fans. Plus Pinterest 😀

  16. Shari Reader says:

    That is so beautiful. Wish I had neighbors to borrow tools from. That is really my style.
    Merry Christmas Jeff and family!!!!

    1. Thanks Shari, hope you have a wonderful holiday season 😀

  17. Jim says:

    Neat project! My teenage son is becoming more interested in wood working and my old sander is on its last leg. He’d be excited to use a new one.

    1. If he’s really into wood working Jim have him check out Steve Ramsey on YouTube. This guy is awesome.

  18. Ingrid says:

    Great tutorial. Very do-able.

    1. Thanks Ingrid. I know you could do it 😀

  19. Tim Wallace says:

    I just discovered your website a few weeks ago, and I love it! My wife and I just bought our first house about a year ago, and I am really enjoying learning how to do the repairs myself as well as doing projects like this around the house.

    Over the winter I am planning on building a lot of shelving and storage in our laundry room which is right now a big room (bigger than my kitchen) with 1 shelf in it. I can probably increase my storage 5x so I am looking forward to this. I also want to build some interesting and decorative storage options for our downstair bathroom to improve its look and functionality.

    In early spring we are going to tackle our kitchen and spruce it up a bit by painting our cabinets and adding hardware as well as some new flooring. That sander would be crazy handy for cleaning up the old wooden cabinets before the new paint goes on. They are a dark brown paint right now, so it is going to take a bit of work as is to get them ready for a lighter color paint.

    Keep up the great work! You have already helped me with two projects in the short time I’ve discovered your site and I’ve found lots of other projects I want to start!


    1. Congrats Tim on your new home. Super exciting time!!

      Man, you’re a beast. You’ve got a ton of projects going on. I remember how cool it is to have a new place. It’s like having an empty canvas to do artwork.

      Keep me posted on all your progress and let me know if you have any questions down the road 😀

  20. Frann Long says:

    I usually find some really helpful information here. I might not get to the frame project right away, but I’d think sanding the wood some would smooth it out. Love the bathroom tips and hints for cleaning, they are super and cut my work time way down.
    Thanks for being around,

    1. Thanks Frann. I love learning about new bathroom cleaning tips myself. Nothing like getting done quickly without spending all day in the bathroom.

  21. Melinda says:

    I need this to sand some outdoor handrails before staining next Spring!

  22. Margie S says:

    I’m currently redoing an entertainment center (cutting it down to fit my space)… one of these sanders would really come in handy! Love the tutorials you do, keep them coming! I’ve found lots of useful information from your website …Thanks a million!

    1. Thanks Margie. You’re repurposing, yahoo! Great job. I think we all need to do more of that instead of buying stuff.

      Of course, I’m a huge culprit of running out the store and buying stuff then realizing I had scraps or leftovers that could have been used.

      I’d love to see your entertainment center when you’re done

  23. Greg says:

    Nice decorative project. If I wanted the worn paint look of the original, I suppose instead of a stain I would use paint and some sort of paint ager. I think that I have heard of such a thing, but I’m not sure what it’s called.

    1. I know there are several techniques out there Greg. That look isn’t really my style so I’m not entirely clear on how it’s done. You could paint a base layer on then a second layer and sand it lightly. That might do the job 😀

  24. Squafdonoboles says:

    I made a similar picture frame but I took the cheap way out by covering a thick piece of sheet rock with Contact paper.

    1. Nothin wrong with that 😀

      However you get to your project’s final look, right

  25. Jennifer Bergeson says:

    I want to refinish a couple of stools that I’ve had epic fails on a few times. I’m hoping this sander will help me give it the “magic touch.” Really hoping.

    1. I’ve had so many epic fails Jennifer. It’s quite hilarious, haha.

      What kind of issues have you had with the stools?

  26. liz says:

    With both my kids in school this year, we are in need of a dedicated place for the kids to do homework. I am currently working on a desk from Ana whites plans. the sander would be great in getting the surface smooth and nice.
    Thanks for the giveaway

    1. Ana White is superb Liz. You have to show me your final project when you’re done. I remember my mom refinishing my great grandpa’s desk. She did it over the weekend and it still looks great to this day.

      Hmmm, maybe my mom’s genes are my woodworking genes 😀

      Have you started the desk?

  27. Linda P says:

    Love the DIY ideas that can actually be done by mere mortals. I could use that sander when we build new shelving for the kitchen at church.

    1. You might know this already Linda but there’s actually a YouTube channel called Woodworking for Mere Mortals!!

      Steve Ramsey is the gentleman who does all the projects and he’s so awesome. Way better than me. Actually, he makes me look like a total newbie but somehow has a ton of fun showing everyone how to copy his projects.

  28. CValentino says:

    You are always so creative! A wonderful winter day project!

    1. Fortunately winter didn’t hit just yet while I was outside, haha. But now it’s starting to feel winterish since the temps are in the 30s. Blasted arctic winds, haha.

  29. Mary O. says:

    What a clever frame and candle holder. That sander would be great for the furniture my daughter is making. She has done two rustic dining tables and a coffee table so far. Thanks for your instructions and inspiration and the giveaways, too.

    1. Whoa Mary, is your daughter making furniture for her own house or does she do it on the side? I love rustic dining tables. My buddy Joe made one from old barn wood and it looks super awesome. There’s nothing better looking than that old wood restored to it’s original glory 😀

      1. Mary O. says:

        Both she and my son took wood-shop in junior high. The first table was for her new house a year ago. My son was staying with her during the summer and they had a good time doing the table. They built a garage workbench that summer, too. I highly recommend wood-shop in schools. It gave my kids such a sense of accomplishment.

  30. Mary T says:

    Nice! Love it and I need a new sander!!! Thanks Jeff!

    1. What project are you working on Mary?

  31. Tom says:

    I love this project. I really like the way you give step by step instructions instead of glossing over steps that leave a beginner like me bewildered. I could use the sander on a shelving project that I am working on. At least it would save me lots of hours of sanding.

    1. What kind of shelving project are you working on Tom. And thanks for your kind words. I actually forgot to mention how to hang this rustic picture frame on the wall, haha. But it’s easily done with any hanging accessories.

  32. Hank Wolgast says:

    I am currently making some small curio shelves for the family room wall and the Bosch random orbital sander would help me immensely with this project. Thanks for the video on the rustic picture frame. I may try that when I finish my current projects. You always have the best tutorial videos and they have helped me immensely .

    1. Thanks Hank. Are you replacing the curio shelves or starting from scratch?

  33. Anne says:

    I am refinishing my stairs and need a sander.

    1. Oh man, stairs are such a pain. But with some patience aren’t impossible. Are you redoing hardwood floors, too?

  34. Kathy Pierson says:

    Another idea for the pictures is to glue on clear picture holders and just slide in the pictures. Also makes it easy to change out the photos. Orbital sander would be helpful.

    1. That’s a cool idea Kathy. Duh!! That’s what I should have done. Thank you so much 😀

  35. Jim B says:

    Nice and simple. I like!

    1. It’s pretty easy. Of course there’s some work with the jigsaw but after that it’s a breeze.

  36. Debbie says:

    This would be great to make and us as a nightlight where you have no plug available. Just replace the candle with a battery operated one and decorate to match your decor. Cool idea!
    I sure could use the orbital sander on a bannister and dresser I am refinishing. Nice palm size and that’s what I could use to make the job easier.

    1. Good idea Debbie. The battery operated one would lessen the chance of fires, too.

      You have some woodworking in your future with the bannister and dresser. Are you going to stain them a different color?

  37. Krystyna K. says:

    I found an old oak door in the trash (can you believe it?) so I hauled it home. I want to restore and then once my DIY skills are perfected, I’d like to add a “wine cellar” to my home and have this door serve as the entry!! The sander would be a super kick-start to my project!!

    1. Oh yah, that’s a great find Krystyna!!!!

      Sometimes you never know what you’ll find on the street.

      Don’t wait to perfect you skills, just start. You’ll learn along the way 😀

  38. Sally Mount says:

    Jeff, I NEED that Orbital Sander to complete the great projects you show us. You know you want to send it to me … Right?

  39. Lyn f says:

    As I read through the comments, they reminded me of damage done to a door by a daughter’s friend’s dog. Do you have a video on correction wood around panels of windows in a door? Love your clearly explained instructions on how to do things and creative uses of items .

  40. Donna says:

    I love this idea!! I’m going to modify it, as I use old picture frames, rolling pins, or shelving to make jewelry hangers. Add some chicken wire to the picture openings, and some cool hooks to the bottom for hanging bracelets or necklaces and it’ll be perfect!

    1. Man Donna, you have some great ideas. Please let me know when you’re done cause I’d love to see the pictures!!

  41. Faith says:

    Love all your DYIs!

    1. Faith says:

      Make that DIY… Can do handyman stuff but evidently can’t type. LOL

      1. Haha, don’t worry Faith…I make a ton of typing errors!!

        Thanks for your kind words.

  42. John Burke says:

    Jeff s Instructions are Clear and to the Point. And they always turn out excellent.

  43. Judith says:

    Always wanted a sander. Whenever you need one and it’s not there, the project is halted. Our dining room table needs to be refinished. Thanks for the chance to win.

    1. What kind of wood is your table made from Judith?

  44. Will Navarrett says:

    Those could be a good Christmas presents

    1. I was thinking that Will. Especially for grandparents 😀

  45. Susette says:

    I am soon to a new home owner and look forward to making this I have the right place for my new home. Thank you so much for all your tips and ideas especially for us single women who have to do these repairs by ourselves or to create one of your ideas and say that we made it all by ourselves. I already saved money by repairing my own sink clog. Thank you again!!

    1. That’s awesome Susette, great job with your clog. No doubt you can do it again if need be.

      Congrats on your new home. What project is #1 on your to-do list?

  46. Myrna says:

    Busy sanding closet doors to repaint, a few lingering kitchen cabinets to sand & repaint. The list is endless. This orbital sander would save my poor tired arms from falling off!

    1. It certainly would help with all the cabinets Myrna. It’ll make the job go buy so much quicker.

  47. Cathy King says:

    I’m building a toy box for my Granddaughter, Julie. I could definitely use this sander….as even the smallest splinter seems to find those cute little fingers!!

    Love your tips and projects!!

  48. Carol Lorraine says:

    I could really use this sander cause I’m working on a side table. I really need it because my strength is not what it used to be as I’m a senior citizen

  49. Donna Raterman says:

    I am working on making 2 benches out of an old bunk bed set. This sander would MOST DEFINITELY come in handy when it comes time to do ALL that sanding on both benches before I can do any finishes to them. And I tell you, there will be alot of sanding to both pieces ans the bunk bed is an old one and was well played on by a couple of boys! 🙂 (And I love the rustic photo frame..will be my next project w/ leftover wood)

  50. I really didnt care for the frame, I did like your way of stain and poly it though. Well Thats ok I never win anything anyhow, and wont win this either.

  51. Nick Conrad says:

    Hi Jeff & DYI buddies!
    It is Nick from Auburn, AL. I have been collecting old wooden handle tools and cleaning the handles & metal heads. I have been using boiled linseed oil on these and am very pleased as the finish is smooth and the wooden tool handle swells a little to tighten on the tool heads.
    In using some of the very old barn wood we have here in Alabama, I have found that cleaning the wood with water and a non-metal scrub brush allows the patina of the old wood to be exposed. A few applications of the linseed oil makes for a very nice original look to the piece. Give this a try as you may like the outcome. If not you can let it dry and then apply other finishes. Many uses for linseed oil, but one good one is if you have wood handle tool, apply coats of linseed oil over a few days and the wooden handle may swell enough to solidify the handle to “head”. As a mechanic in training I learned a trick from my boss – soaking our wooden handle ball peen hammers in used oil allowed them to tighten up. This may not sound “clean” but we saved many a tool and put the money saved to purchasing others.
    Cheers to ALL! Nick

    1. Nick, you’re the best buddy!!

      Thank you so much for these great tips. Linseed oil is so cool and you just made it even cooler!!

  52. Donna Nelson says:

    I love this project…. I think it’s one I can tackle… on another subject… I have just removed carpet from my bedroom (old,,old)…. and wondering what type of sander would you recommend to refinish the HARDWOOD I found underneath…..any tips are very welcome..

  53. I like the finished product:) How do you attach the photos under glass?

  54. Celene R says:

    Been sanding by hand to smooth and shape the boys Cub Scout space derby entries. Pinewood derby in February is going to be worse. The orbital sander would be a huge saver on the hands!

  55. Jaime says:

    I am a Big Sister in the Big Brothers Big Sisters program. My 12 year old Little Sister and I recently built a corner shelf together and now she is hooked on woodworking! The night we completed her shelf, she told me she could not fall asleep because she was so excited and proud and she was thinking about all the things she wants to build next. She told me she wants to build a loft bed, a nightstand, a dresser, another shelf, etc. LOL! Although we won’t be tackling all of these projects right now, we will be picking a new project to start on soon. This sander would come in handy for all the projects she has in mind!

    1. Thank you Jaime for being a Big Sister. What a wonderful experience for you and your Little Sister. There’s nothing better in this world than to help a child have fun and enjoy life. What’s your next project?

      1. Jaime says:

        Thank you so much! We are currently working on making little snowmen out of pieces of a 2x4s or 2x3s for the bodies,a piece of a 1×3 for the hat brim, and a piece of a 2×2 for the top of the hat. My Little Sister wants to make one to represent every member of her family for Christmas gifts, so are painting them and decorating them with craft supplies to personalize them based on the person they are meant to represent. We have 15 of them to make, so we have been busy. After we are done with that project, we are going to start on a new project. It’s pretty exciting to see her so excited and proud of something that she made!

        1. Aww, that’s awesome Jaime. It’s so cool that she’s excited to do projects with you. I can tell that you’ve got a great bond with each other.

  56. Michael says:

    Great project – thanks for all the information you provide

  57. Kat says:

    Love your tips and ideas! Now that I’m retired, I have time to begin a lot of projects that have been on hold. First on the agenda is to repair and paint a couple of old end tables that belonged to my husband’s grandparents. The finish is quite damaged, but they are oval and unique and I love them.

  58. Dolly Granger says:

    I am 75 years old and still like to do project…….most need a sander……thank you ……keep up the good work……your post has helped me a lot.

  59. Jan Elizabeth says:

    Hi Jeff! Great project. I’ve been doing lots of woodworking lately too. One project is a glider rocker we are refinishing for our new granddaughter! She’s a month old already, so we need to get this finished like yesterday. The orbital sander would be a wonderful help. Thanks for your clear and funny videos, I really enjoy them!

  60. Chris B says:

    Have an antique solid wood dining room table. The top of it needs to be refinished and then I’m going to use it as an island in my kitchen, well I’m already using it for that, but right now I have to keep it covered up. The top is in really rough shape. Could definitely use an orbital sander to make the job easier. Love your site… have used a number of your tips already. Thanks!

  61. Darlene says:

    I am a 68 year old retired female and am thoroughly enjoying doing DIY projects around my home. I really need a sander for some back porch projects coming up soon!! Hope I win! Thanks!

  62. Jim Shaw says:

    Working on a old china hutch, requires a lot of sanding off an old painted surface. Could sure use a new sander,

  63. mike says:

    getting ready to retire and have several projects I plan to undertake and this sander would come in so handy.

  64. Jo Ann says:

    I have two desk and chairs that my grandchildren want refinished, The sander would come in really handy to get the paint off.

  65. Liliana Wells says:

    My husband wants to refinish our dining room table. This random orbital sander a great motivator.

  66. Paul says:

    This sander will help me to redo the roll top desk I built a few years ago and did not complete the finish.

  67. Peggy says:

    I have used your other hints for cleaning bath and showers and defogging and loved the garbage disposal. Am now refinishing a pair of 60s night stands from Ethan Allen and am sanding them by hand. Help

  68. Kay P says:

    I bought some ancient shutters years ago and I have always wanted to make them into something. This sander would be a godsend!

  69. cathyann says:

    I don’t own a sander, so having this one to use would be fantastic! Right now I’m looking for inspiration for building a bench for my little screened porch.

  70. Terri Hughes says:

    I am going to refinish an old cabinet that I have in the kitchen. This Bosch Sander would come in handy. Thanks. Very nice job an the picture frame, I love it!

  71. marly z. says:

    I love the rustic frame and I’d love to have a sander. Thanks for the opportunity.

  72. Lori Jones says:

    I would love a sander!! I have a number of projects that I want to start doing in the spring.

  73. Moira says:

    Love this DIY project, and the sander, thanks for posting.

  74. Laura says:

    Hi Jeff!
    Your picture frame project solved a problem I’ve been pondering for quite a while: what to do about an ugly metal electrical panel in the middle of a bedroom wall. Having it moved would cost a small fortune, but I’m thinking I can build a frame around it, with a nice hinged wooden door. The Bosch sander would be great to get a smooth finish on the wood. Thanks for the opportunity to win! Laura

  75. Lori says:

    I could use this sander in so many ways. At the moment I am starting on a complete kitchen and dining room remodel, in my very old farmhouse. I have designed the cabinets and am having them built buy a local handyman. I do as much of the work as possible myself to save money. I could really use this sander to work on the cabinets and the counter top trim will be used. Pick me, pick me , pick me!

  76. Kiki/mcgaelicgal says:

    Great idea! And it could be adapted for so many different uses! Hmmmm… the possibilities are already flowing. Just what I need, another distraction from my already GINORMOUS “to do” list for the next few weeks! ;-p

  77. Keith Browning says:

    Just saw the video on Grout cleaner tool. Was very neat. Just made one and can’t wait to try it. Thanks so much. My Home Depot price was $4.44.

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