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How to Replace a Broken Tile (Shower Wall Repair!)

And See What Tools to Use

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by Jeff Patterson in DIY Bathroom Remodel
How to replace a broken tile

Today we share how to replace a broken tile on a shower wall. Sometimes this happens while installing tiles…that’s life.

In this example the tile was set over Wedi backer boards. Which made removing and resetting the tile easy.

Let’s dive in!

How to Replace a Broken Tile

Use a hammer and bust up the tile. Then remove the rest of the tile with a hammer and chisel.

If a tile is set correctly it will pull off the waterproofing on the backer board. That’s exactly what happened to us- which isn’t a big deal with Wedi since the foam is waterproof.

Remove thin-set residue using a rasp accessory attached to an oscillating multi-tool, e.g. FEIN MultiMaster.

Check the backer board for damage and waterproof if necessary. Had the blue foam been compromised a layer of Wedi joint sealant could re-waterproof it.

Apply thin-set mortar to the backer board and back of the tile. Then re-set the tile on the shower wall. Horseshoe shims come in handy and help keep the grout joints evenly spaced.

Our video has the details on how to replace a broken tile and do it fast!


What’s Next

Wedi is a great backer board because the foam is waterproof. We built this entire shower using Wedi’s Fundo Primo shower system.

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  1. Allison bosley says:

    Our shower looks like mortar or cement was used to pit up tile. What can we use to replace tile on this type of wall?

    1. For that I’d recommend applying two coats of RedGard to the substrate. Tape off the adjacent tiles then apply one coat of RedGard. Let it dry and apply the second coat. Then set the new tile using thin-set mortar, use Versabond or another Custom Building Products mortar since they make RedGard.

  2. Jodi says:

    I removed a large cracked tile in my tub. As I was removing it, the backer board disintegrated. I know how to install the backer board where the original tile was located. I’m not sure what to use in the space between the original board and the new piece. Is it ok to use silicone caulk to seal it?

    Thank you!

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