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How to Waterproof a Shower (Wedi Method)

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How to Waterproof a Shower (Wedi Method)

What’s the fastest way to waterproof a shower? In our humble opinion it’s using wedi.

A few weeks back we had to waterproof and prep a shower surround. Since time was limited and this shower needed to be remodeled in 3 days we chose wedi waterproofing.

Today’s tutorial shows you step-by-step how to use the wedi Tub Surround Kit. You might be surprised at how easy it is to use. The entire waterproofing installation took us about 2-3 hours…not bad for a Saturday morning.

Let’s dive in.

Why Use wedi to Waterproof a Shower?

Waterproofing showers can be a nightmare if done wrong. Often times we see projects fail because either the homeowner or contractor did a sloppy job.

Cement board is one option. But many people forget to use a liquid waterproofing membrane or sheet membrane over it. While the boards are cheap at $12 bucks per 3’x5′ panel, the waterproofing is an added step and expense.

If you’ve seen our other tutorials you know we like KERDI-BOARD. It’s a good option. However, the installation takes a bit longer than wedi.

wedi Shower Waterproofing

Wedi building panels have a foam core and a cementicious layer on each side. This makes the panel stiff and a solid surface for tile.

We forgot to mention this in the video, but check all the studs before starting. They should be plumb and even with each other. If they’re not, that issue needs to be addressed by cutting down the stud or sistering a 2×4 to the framing. If you’re not sure how to do this just ask us.

Also, ensure mixing valves are set to the correct depth before installing Wedi or any other tile backer board. Otherwise, the final look of the shower trim kit could look wonky.

Here’s our detailed video showing how to waterproof a shower using the Wedi method


What’s Next

Wedi also great for curbed or curbless shower systems.

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