How to Waterproof the KBRS ShowerSlope

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How to Waterproof KBRS ShowerSlope

One of the biggest problems with walk-in showers is improper waterproofing.

Here’s the deal:

Mold is bad.

Yet many showers leak and lead to mold or mildew problems.

Today’s video is Part 3 of our series on how to build a walk-in shower using KBRS’s ShowerSlope. And we share step-by-step how to waterproof the shower pan, curb, shower niche, and walls.

Let’s dive in!


How to Waterproof the KBRS ShowerSlope

Our prior videos shared how to choose the ShowerSlope and how to build the system for a curbed walk-in shower.

We recommend watching those tutorials because they’re full of important details – especially if you’ve never built a walk-in shower.

The easiest way to waterproof KBRS’s ShowerSlope is with fleece and ShowerSeal liquid waterproofing membrane.

Start by cutting pieces of fleece for the shower pan corners, seams, and shower niche. This speeds up the installation.

Then apply ShowerSeal liquid waterproofing membrane to one corner and fold a small piece of fleece into it. Use a paint brush and 3″ putty knife to embed the fleece into the liquid membrane.

This takes some practice and needs to be done for the other three corners.

Our biggest tip:

Be patient with yourself.

Steve makes it look easy. But he’s built hundreds of showers.

Once the corners are done, apply liquid waterproofing membrane to the shower pan/cement board seams. And embed fleece into these changes of plane.

Then do the same thing for all vertical and horizontal seams in the cement board.

Watch our video for the details and extra tips that’ll make your project a success


What’s Next

Like I said, our tutorial showing¬†how to build the ShowerSlope¬†is also great. Go back and watch that if you haven’t done so.

And if you want to order the ShowerSlope visit Bathroom Repair Tutor’s store.

Grab our free guide if you’re doing a DIY bathroom remodel – it shares how to remodel a bathroom in 10 days or less

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  1. WANDA GAYLORD says:

    I am working on a third floor bathroom and have asked this question before. How do I convert a 1 1/2 inch drain to a 2 inch drain. I bought the necessary pipe but cannot find any 2 inch pipe to connect with. It was originally a shower/tub combo.

  2. Hi Wanda, send me an email with some pictures [email protected] and we’ll take a look at the situation.

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