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How to Waterproof a Shower with Hydro Ban Board

And Tile on the Same Day!

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Hydro Ban Board

Here’s the problem: waterproofing showers is confusing.

There are conflicting opinions online and in home stores.

So what products make shower remodeling fast and easy and 100% waterproof?

Today we’ll share why Hydro Ban Board is a great option.

Let’s dive in!

Hydro Ban Board for Shower Walls

Anyone who’s worked with cement board knows it’s heavy. Each 3′ x 5′ x 1/2″ panel is way heavier than a comparable foam board product.

However, there are many foam board options. And each one has different requirements.

We’ve worked with KERDI-BOARD, Wedi, and now Laticrete’s Hydro Ban Board.

Here’s what we like about Hydro Ban Board:

  1. Lightweight
  2. Easy to cut
  3. Waterproof Core
  4. Rigid Fleece
  5. It’s fast to install!!!!!!!!

Each panel is only a few pounds and can be cut with a utility knife. Plus the extruded polystyrene core is waterproof. Thus, if the fleece is cut the board is still waterproof.

Stud walls need to be 16″ on-center for Hydro Ban Board – same with other foam backer boards and cement board. Screws should be 12″ on-center along the stud and no washers are needed for walls, as you’ll see.

That said, Hydro Ban Board does need washers if used for ceilings.

This method totally replaces the need for Hydro Ban over cement board and is much faster.

People always ask how to waterproof the gap between the tub and backer boards. This is easy with Hydro Ban Board, use the sealant. Sealant can also be applied between boards and drywall.

Watch our video to see how we waterproofed our latest tub shower in 2 hours!


What’s Next

Tile can be set over Hydro Ban Board as soon as the sealant is tacky, in about 2-3 hours.

Hydro Ban Boards are fantastic and the price point is super competitive – let me repeat that, SUPER COMPETITIVE.

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Jeff Patterson

  1. Joihn Udisky says:

    You guys make it look easy. My problem is since I don’t do this routinely, the measuring really slows me down.

    1. Don’t get down on yourself John, taking your time with the measuring is critical. And you’ll actually save time by not making mistakes.

  2. Jeff says:

    I love Hydro Ban board as well. It’s super fast to install and creates a bulletproof and long lasting waterproof shower. Great tutorial!

    1. Thanks a ton Jeff and we couldn’t agree more. We’ll be using it more often and recommending it to folks who want a fast installation for a reasonable price. We still like the other products but no doubt, Laticrete has great stuff.

  3. Jim says:

    Day late and 6 wonder boards later. Do I need to water proff the wonder board if so what to use?

    1. Sorry to hear that Jim. Yes, all cement boards should be waterproofed with something like RedGard, Ardex 8+9, or Hydro Ban. Those are solid products.

      Here’s our tutorial on RedGard

      Here’s our tutorial on Ardex 8+9

  4. gary says:

    Could you notch the board at the bottom is you don’t need the furring?

    1. You could totally do that Gary and we’ll show that in our next tub shower combo.

  5. Lisa says:

    The hydro ban board is not easy to find. Any suggestions on where I can find this in New Jersey – looking at mail order right now.
    Are the other boards you mention equally as good?
    Thank you

    1. Great question Lisa and the biggest problem with any system is finding a distributor. Here’s a link that’ll help

      We like Schluter’s Kerdi-Board and Wedi’s foam boards. Laticrete made an awesome product with the Hydro Ban Board and it’s reasonably prices. If you can’t find a dealer close to you check out Contractor’s Direct online. They’re also great to deal with.

  6. Ivan says:

    Thanks for all of your helpful videos! Since the board is waterproof as an alternative to putting furring strips to install the Hydro Ban board would it be possible to use a router or table saw to notch the edge of the board by the thickness of the flange so that it sits flush with the tub flange?

  7. joan fitzgibbon says:

    I am ready to begin my shower installation. Removing a tub fiberglass surround and creating a walk in shower but I am struggling with weather to use Kerdi or Hydro ban board system. I am not sure if you can recommend one over the other but I know you have used both. As an experienced woodworker but novice tiler wondering your thoughts. Thanks Joan

  8. Sam says:

    Hey Jeff, just curious as to how much sealant/adhesive you guys had to use and also if there’s anything other than the sealant/adhesive needed or required to waterproof corners or joints such as hydroban sealing tape. Thanks!

  9. Heather says:

    Love the site! Any thoughts on how this board will work with marble install?

  10. v says:

    do you countersink the screws through the board, or just through the wood?

  11. Gary Grant says:

    Does the shower surround require the same sealant or can you use a red devil or other sealant on the surround. What are the requirements for the sealant. Thanks

    1. The shower surround requires Hydro Ban Adhesive and Sealant, this will also maintain the Laticrete warranty.

  12. Michael Johnson says:

    I hope this can be a solution for me. I’m really down on my luck right now. I had an unknown leak that destroyed the subfloor in my very small master bathroom. I’ve gotten quotes from 15-25k which is way way way out of my price range. I’m going it do it alone with the help of what you guys post.

  13. Isabel Ryan says:

    Hi! Love your video, the best I’ve seen! I’m taking on the challenge of renovating my bathroom. I can’t find the brand of Hydro ban board here in Canada, but I something called Schluter Kerdi-Board Building Panel at Home Depot that sounds like the same thing. Can you tell me if it’s just as good?? Thank you so much for your helpful videos!

  14. Amelia Bay says:

    Hi there!
    Can you apply a peel and stick waterproof vinyl tile directly to this foam??

    Thanks so much

  15. Helen Hochstetler says:

    How does it compare to GoBoard?

  16. larhonda roberts says:

    hello! I am new to the dyi community. I have always done things myself but I don’t feel very confident about my current project. i am replacing a shower in a mobile home. There has been a leak and most boards under the shower are rotted. I have removed everything with very little trouble. Can you tell me the steps I would need to do in replacing the shower? For instance, I did not realize I needed to use water proofing boards. Do I put down the floor tray first and then the drain? I am not tiling so do I put down waterproofing first, then glue the surround walls next? I’m not sure how to proceed. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!

  17. Nic says:

    Y’all got to bring these prices down for me to ever switch over from durock and red guard. $40 bucks a sheet is nuts!

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