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Keep Hands Safe with Ironclad Gloves

Hands Are Important!

As Seen On
by Jeff Patterson in Tiling Tools

Have you ever cut your hand?

It stinks…

…I actually managed to do it in today’s video.

Which is too funny since the point is hand protection.

I’m reviewing 3 new Ironclad gloves.

All of which protect your hands like a boss.

PLUS: you’ll love my cool surprise.

Quick story:

When I was a kid my parents owned an auto parts store.


I had the duty of stocking stuff and running deliveries.

One day we got a shipment of brake lines.

They were always taped together and needed to be separated.

So I used a razor to slice through the tape…and my index finger.


OUCH to say the least.

Since then I wear gloves when doing projects with sharp objects.

This past weekend I checked out 3 new gloves from Ironclad.

The EXO Modern Leather Reinforced glove

Modern Leather Reinforced

The Framer (which looks totally cool)

The Framer

And the Heavy Utility

Heavy Utility

Watch my review…

…and don’t miss the surprise at the end


What’s Next

Which Ironclad glove do you like best?

My favorite is the EXO Modern Leather glove.

Tell me down in the comments, I’ve love to know.

Thanks as always for reading, watching, and being part of our awesome community.


Jeff Patterson





  1. Matt Palazola says:

    Clearly Han would go for the Framer keeping his trigger finger free to shoot Greedo first!

    1. LOL, that’s too funny Matt. I agree with you 😀

  2. ROBB C DETROIT says:


    Awesome review. I personally liked the “heavy” ironclad gloves best for me personally. I go though gloves like there is no tomorrow, due to me abusing them with all of my honey do projects. I usually buy cheap gloves 2 and 3 pairs at time for hobo freight ( when on sale)…but they don’t last! Ironclad seems like a viable option for me! thanks for the review, I have never seen them before!


    1. Hobo freight…haha. You always crack me up Robb.

      I think you’d love these. Ironclad makes awesome stuff and they’re super durable.
      Way better than the el cheapos.

  3. William Dorsey says:

    I have used their framer gloves for several years. I like the ability to have the ability to pick up small parts with my bare finger tips, while still protecting my hands and keeping them warm in the winter months.

    1. Good point about being able to pick small stuff like screws and washers. Super important when doing electrical work, too.

  4. Karen says:

    I woul love to have a pair of these gloves for handling and cleaning seashells and sea glass. Do they make them in sizes foe women with shorter fingers in mind?

    1. You can get them in all sorts of sizes Karen, I’m pretty sure they come in Small.

  5. Jan Nahorski says:

    It would be the Framer as I do quite a few Kreg Jig projects but I also am a shooter and a metal detectorist. The 3 exposed appendages would be ideal for all 3 skills.

    1. You’re a busy person Jan, the Framer would be a good choice for sure

  6. Daniel says:

    Hey Jeff,
    I agree with Matt, Han would go for the framer for easier use of his blaster pistol. I like the Framers but I’ve tried that design in hunting gloves and it doesn’t quite fit right with my short fingers. The EXO would be perfect for my needs, basic handy-man stuff, yard work, basic carpentry, etc.

    1. If it makes you feel better I short stubby fingers too Daniel…I blame my parents, haha. The EXO line is great and yah, Han would love the Framer

  7. The EXO glove looks like it would fit me perfectaly.

    1. They’re pretty sweet Dave, you’d like them for any general work

  8. I want to EXO gloves! They would be perfect for me (a woman) to protect my hands during my many projects.

    1. EXO is the way to go for any general projects, they’re super comfortable and protect..which is the main point 😀

  9. Caity Fiero says:

    The Framer! I’ve only just gotten started in woodworking but I prefer skin-to-wood contact because I feel like it gives me more grip/control/dexterity.

    1. That’s awesome Caity that you’re doing woodwork, I’d love to see some of your projects.

  10. Ken Zaback says:

    I would like to get a pair of those heavy duty work gloves for the work I do with cutting trees, cutting logs, splitting logs. I think they will be very helpful

    1. You’re one busy guy Ken, and the Heavy Utility would (should I say ‘wood’) help a lot

  11. Sunil says:

    After successfully ripping out carpet and installing Wood Laminate flooring at home, I plan to do the same in one of our rental units. Among the many lessons I learnt from my first flooring project, a key one is to use a quality glove. And thanks Jeff for this review. Though a little too early to make my purchases, I will keep this in mind.


    1. Great job Sunil with the carpet and laminate, I had to do that exact project at one of my rentals here in Pittsburgh. NO FUN. Wish I had these gloves back then…keep me posted on your projects buddy 😀

  12. Louise says:

    EXO gloves look awesome for all kinds of DIY projects I attempt at my house.

  13. Cathryn Schubert says:

    The Framer would be ideal for me and the tablesaw my husband bought me for my birthday. These gloves would protect my hands but also afford the contact necessary to guide and control the wood.

    1. That’s an awesome present Cathryn, and I agree that the Framer would be good for woodworking.

      1. Andrew Marshall says:

        Actually Jeff, I think that statement to Cathryn Shubert should be countered with DO NOT use gloves when using a table saw (also applies to miter saws). They are much too dangerous!! Almost any table saw user manual tells you not to wear loose clothing and do not wear gloves. The problem is if the blade tip catches your glove it will try to pull your hand in to the blade. This will cause it to catch more of the glove and therefore more of your hand. If it was just your hand it would cut your skin and give you a chance to pull away before causing more damage. A trip to either Urgent Care or Emergency Room would be called for, but the damage will be less than if you have a glove on. (Also, make sure your Tetanus Shot is up to date or get one, those blades are nasty)

        I use underlayment sheets (it’s like very thin plywood) to make props for my daughter’s dance studio and the wood and glue used in this product severely dries my hands. I normally wear gloves all the time but had stopped wearing them while using the table saw. When I had a piece of wood catch in the saw and eject it (while I had my hand on the wrong side) the blade sliced the tip of my finger. End result was 2 steri strips and a Tetanus Shot, but it would have been much worse had I been wearing gloves. So, I always take off my gloves to do work with the tablesaw but immediately put them back on for all other portions of the job.
        P.S. Know anywhere that Ironclad are sold in Virginia? Home Depot sells them online but not my local store, Lowes doesn’t, and the local Taylor’s Do It Center doesn’t either. I’d love to check out that EXO in person before buying one.

      2. Andrew Marshall says:

        Sorry about the size of that reply, but I think it is very important for safety.

  14. kevin says:

    Awesome glove review. I wished I had the Ironclad Heavyduty ones when I put up the fence in my backyard.

    1. Thanks Kevin, the Heavy Utility gloves are perfect for that. I do think they’re awesome for demo and heavy projects like fence projects

  15. Christine Taylor says:

    I’m a notorious scavenger! I keep a pair of ill-fitting work gloves in my car for picking up pallets and odd pieces of wood. They’re also there for putting on snow chains when needed! Thanks!

    1. If you put the Framer gloves on in a parking lot people might think you’re picking a fight, lol. But they would be perfect for pallet retrieval.

  16. Dorth says:

    I watched the video and liked all the gloves, but the one I’d like would be the middle pair. Since I am elderly, my son does all my fixing up work for me. Unfortunately he has RA and his hands are often swollen. I think those open fingers would be good for him. Thanks.

    1. The padding and support of the glove would hopefully help a little Dorth, you have a good son

  17. Debbie Stanley says:

    I could definitely use the Heavy Utility! Thanks for your great tips and videos!

    1. Thanks Debbie, my pleasure. Hope you got some good info 😀

  18. Carla says:

    Do they make these small enough for women’s hands? My pet peeve.

    1. They have gloves called Tuff Chix that are specifically for women but a lot of the gloves come in size small

  19. cindy says:

    I could use the utility gloves. There are so many chores this would be good for — where to start?

    1. I feal your pain Cindy, my to-do list is out of control

  20. Bill gatlin says:

    I like the pair with the fingers cut out. Useful for target shooting, woodworking and scrolling trough your website.

    1. Lol, you’d have to send me a picture of you using the Framers while on the computer Bill. That would make my day.

  21. Laura Z. says:

    I would prefer the EXO because they look a little more flexible. I would use them for selecting various shaped pieces of rock for stone cladding that I am putting on the outside of my house. While it doesn’t seem like Christmas due to the unusually warm weather here in Maryland this year, I am happy that it gives me more time to work on my outside projects. Happy holidays to Jeff and to the entire community!

  22. CJ says:

    Definitely the Framers. Thry look perfect for gardening and repairs. The two fingers I user the most are free while they ones I usually cut are protected.

  23. These sound great. We had a house fire in September and I burned one hand during the whole ordeal and putting it out. My hand is still somewhat raw and tender, and still hurts. After 9 weeks in a hotel we are finally back home. YAY. I would use these doing yard work, woodworking, and getting our house back in order.

  24. Kimberly E. says:

    Although I always use gloves too when doing any kind of heavy duty picking up and stuff, my husband can totally use the Heavy duty gloves as his gloves have holes in them now and they haven’t even been used that many times. He does the really hard core lifting and heavy duty power tool usage. I like your review on all these gloves and I will probably go out and see if they have lady sized ones too. 60 degrees in Pittsburg in the middle of December. Amazing and enjoy it while you can!

  25. Ed May says:

    I work in a cabinet shop a handle plywood all day long and those heavy duty gloves would really save a lot of wear and tear on my hands.

  26. Allen says:

    I have a stack of construction projects to do with some rentals we own, and now that I am retired, I have the time to do them. The Framer glove appears to be more relevant since it will afford both protection and flexibility. That way, I can easily transition from strickly manual work to electrical tool assisted.

  27. Ed Balek says:

    I am setting up a woodworking shop and I’ll be framing and hanging drywall.

  28. Patty Jensen says:

    I would love a pair of The EXO Modern Leather Reinforced glove. I work at a grocery store. One of my jobs is to move boxes from the back area to the grocery floor. Once I am on the floor I need to use my box cutter to open the boxes. If I’m not able to get all of the product onto the shelf, I then need to cut down the box. This is the part where I am nicking/cutting my fingers. Ouch. This may be what I need to cease the battle scars! Great demo. Thanks!

  29. Rick Stuart says:

    I don’t own a pair of gloves (guess I’m too cheap) so scuff up the backs of my hands and my fingers all the time. Could really use the EXO model as looks like it would protect my hands overall.

  30. Evelyn says:

    I’d really like to have a pair of the heavy duty gloves. As a property manager, I am often trying to do the repairs myself first often scraping my hands. It is so much easier to carry paint cans and power tools with gloves on for protection. Nice video.

  31. R Lowrey says:

    Need the one with the built-in sweat wiper. Most the time here in the south you spend half your time wiping sweat.

  32. Henry says:

    I’d get the Heavy Utility gloves. They’re basically the same style/design/build as my full-finger mountain bike gloves. If they’re anything like them, they’re built like a tank, and take tons of abuse, while still being super flexible, and allowing “touch” when working.

    They’d be great for chainsaw use, which is likely what I’d use them for the most.

  33. Alan Perry says:

    I really like the idea of the gloves I work on a chicago based railroad and would be interested to see how long they last. Pretty brutal enviroment and weather conditions

  34. Nancy Tuttle says:

    The Exo would be my choice of glove. I do a lot of yard work, including tree trimming. I can see how they would support my palms which get a beating with long handled limb loppers as well as protecting my knuckles from bark abrasion. Added bonus: they look supple and comfortable.

  35. Joshua says:

    I agree clearly Han would want the framing gloves. I on the other hand am not Han and I like the EXO modern leather reinforced gloves. I’m taking rock out of my backyard and I’m having to do this all by hand with a transfer shovel and wheel barrow my hands are gonna need some help. After that I’ll be wheel barrowing in compost to get ready for my fruit trees which will be coming the 1st weekend of Jan! Needless to say I will be sore for a week! And have a very short amount of time do get this done.

  36. Mariette says:

    I think the EXO gloves would be perfect for me. I work a lot inside and outside my house on as many DIY projects as I can in order to save money, as I have 3 children in college. These gloves would also protect my newly polished nails! My father, God bless his heart at 82-years-old, still maintains his house by himself. We often exchange war stories about injured body parts, so I think the EXO would be perfect or him, as well.

  37. Marianne says:

    Well this would be a hard choice.. all three have great protection and do a variety of work. I love the look and probably the feel of the EXO, but with my woodworking a better choice would be the Framer.. but the palm of the Heavy Duty is hard to pass on. But for safety sake, I’d better choose the Framer.. but heck I’d be happy with any of the Ironclad Gloves, I had a pair but I think they went on a trip with one of my son’s.

  38. Terri Hughes says:

    They are all great looking gloves. I like the Framer gloves best, easier to pick up objects with your fingers. Thanks for the video and love this weather, no complaints here!

  39. Mary O. says:

    I like them all but would play it safe with the heavy utility gloves. We have chain link fence we are putting up and these would be nice to have to protect the hands. Thanks for the review and giveaway.

  40. Paul says:

    The Heavy Duty gloves would work well for me. Handling a tiller, digging with a shovel or pick ax, cutting wood, shredding leaves and mulching tree branches, and building various projects are all reasons that these gloves would serve me well.
    Thank you.

  41. Randy says:

    I buy the Heavy Utility, but after a few days, they look like the Framer. I keep several pair on hand as I can wear through them quickly.

  42. Duke says:

    I have purchased Ironclad gloves before and own the Framer and Heavy Lifting gloves. Both live up to their name and survive an occasional trip through my washing machine. That said; I found that in spite of the dexterity, the Framer gloves felt constricting around the exposed fingers. I like comfort as well as fit and the Heavy Lifting gloves suit me well. I still have mine and use them for masonry and steel projects. These are tough gloves. I too have been to the E.R. (trimming moulding) and protection plus dexterity is what is needed when using razor knives. I go with mechanics blue Nitrile gloves for these jobs. Accidents do happen and most can be prevented by not rushing and working very slow.

  43. Scott Giese says:

    Jeff, I have some blackberries growing in our raspberry patch. I’d like to pull them up, but, Jeff them things gots some nasty, mean, ugly, stabbing barbs on the stalks and even the leaves. They are not fun to wander to near, let alone, attempt to uproot. I’m hoping the Ironclad Heavy gloves might, just might be up to protecting my tender and delicate hands. Welders gloves have been suggested as have goats. The problem with goats is they will eat any and everything within sight and reach.

  44. Jim B says:

    I like all the gloves but the EXO glove is the one I think I would choose. Great video!

  45. Kanda Schurr says:

    I LOVE the look of these gloves. My husband and I are “seasoned” citizens so protecting what we have left, ha!, is important. We wear gloves anytime we are working on projects, which is most of the time since we are notorious DIYers. Since I wear XS finding work gloves is difficult, but my husband doesn’t have that problem and goes through gloves fast. The trouble with both of us is that we’re picky! I shall be looking for these gloves to try soon!!

  46. Bill Logue says:

    Jeff, my son works in a factory and makes aluminum cores for radiators in Nissan cars. His hands get cut up often and I would love to make him the envy of all his co-workers by being able to surprise him with a pair of Ironclad Heavy Utility gloves.

    Thank you,

  47. Renee says:

    You know Hans needs to keep his trigger finger ready for action so he would absolutely need the Framer Gloves! What a silly question!!! Just kidding – I would use the Heavy Duty Utility gloves. I seem to do pretty well when doing woodwork or small projects. I usually wreck my hands on outdoor projects; hauling wood, trimming trees, scooping rocks. You know, all that fun stuff! Anyhow, they would be my pick. Thanks!

    1. LOL, love how you think Renee.

      The Heavy Utility will come in handy with those nasty projects for sure, I’ll be using them in the spring…so much work to do!!!!

  48. I changed my mind so many times. There’s no way I could choose a favorite!

    Well done!

    1. paul says:

      I like the heavy duty gloves I work in my yard picking up rocks, stones cutting tree branches and the dead leaves from the palms trees and always cutting my hands

    2. Thanks John, they do have some pretty awesome gloves

  49. Linda says:

    These look like great gloves. I use heavy men’s leather gloves which don’t fit well and have no dexterity. In addition to all the projects around the house, I’d use these when I work on Habitat for Humanity house builds.

  50. John R says:

    I never wear gloves when I work and I got the scars to prove it! I think the EXO Modern Leather Reinforced gloves would be my first step to healthier hands.

  51. waykno says:

    Heavy duty gloves–I’m sort of a glove nut. I use them all the time. I like all 3 though. I sometimes even use them with a jacket during casual wear if they are not worn out.

    1. You do love gloves, haha. Ironclad has so many cool ones…hard to choose

  52. shawn karg says:

    Great video..I like the framer gloves..Keep them coming

    1. Those gloves are bad ass, good for anyone doing heavy duty stuff and using power tools

  53. dan says:

    I’d like the Exo, Framer and Heavy Duty–all three. Last year this time I was putting the Tyvek, metal siding back up and temps here were down to 0F by 9PM. The wind was the nastiest and my fingers were stinging and going numb. I was using cutoff tip dishgloves and end opened cut socks so I could flip the sock back to handle the screws and nails. I still would use the wool socks over your gloves to guard against frostbite.

  54. Elliotte says:

    My wife is a high school teacher and the director of their theater department. Outside of my day job, I work with her students to build the sets for their performances. With two performances a year, plus my projects around the house, I go through gloves (or band-aids when I don’t have any gloves) a lot.

    1. Ditto on the band-aids Elliotte…I can never find a good one when I need it, lol.

      Great job with building the sets, that’s so cool. I’m sure your wife truly appreciates the help 😀

  55. Joe Burgess says:

    Because of my age, 69, my skin is really thin. It doesn’t take much to cut or scuff my hands and cause bleeding. On some of my projects, by the time I’m finish, it looks like a homicide took place.

    1. Whew, that’s not good. I’d say you might want all the Heavy Utility for hard labor and the Modern Leather for light duty. Either way, wearing gloves is good a good thing.

  56. Rob Rutty says:

    Eco modern leather will do the trick. Best flexibility without futility. Fingerless gloves are cool, but splinters are not my friend. Eco super re-enforced…ultimate protection, unless using a reciprocating saw….all in all, protect those piggies.

    1. Good to know I’m not the only one who hates splinters…and the leather looks cool!!

  57. Kevin says:

    I love trying new gloves and dexterity is really important to me. I like the EXO glove – it has a nice classic-like look with the leather palms, but they don’t look too bulky. Definelty use for my next picnic table build.

    Thanks for the review!

    1. The EXO line is awesome, these ones are great. I used them last weekend for some light duty tile work and they had plenty of dexterity. So they’d be perfect for woodworking.

  58. John R says:

    Did I miss the prize winners or are haven’t they been announced yet? Happy New Year To Everyone!!

    1. No winners yet John…I’ll be announcing them soon.

  59. Dorothy Orlando says:

    I wld use them for Everything! My hands are so beat up from trying to put this townhouse back in order.

  60. CS Jensen says:

    I got my first pair of the heavy duty gloves when onsite with some of my EOD guys. I have had them for several years and have beat them to death. It’s getting time to replace them, but i have a sentimental attachment to them. My nephew, age 5, loves wearing them when he comes to visit and rides on his battery operated car – thinks they are hot stuff. Wish you made them for kids too because I was looking for a pair for him. Love you product – all the gloves are great. Thanks

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