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Schluter Metal Shelves for Tiled Showers

Super Cool and Sleek!

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by Jeff Patterson in How to Tile a Shower
Schluter Metal Shelves

Schluter metal shelves are super cool. We recently installed two in a small shower and they look amazing.

Shower niches aren’t always possible in tiled showers. So these metal shelves – which are solid as heck – are great storage options.

This tutorial has a quick overview of the shelves and how to install two different options.

Let’s dive in!


Schluter Metal Shelves for Tiled Showers

One way to make tile showers look amazing is to spice them up with accessories. But there are bad options out there that look clunky or outdated.

Schluter filled this void with their different metal shelves.

They have three types:

  • Corner Shelves – Schluter Metal SHELF-E
  • Wall Shelves – Schluter Metal SHELF-W
  • Niche Shelves – Schluter Metal SHELF-N

Corner shelves can be installed in new or old showers. These are the Schluter Metal SHELF-E and they have four metal tabs that fit inside grout joints. We’ll show you how to install one.

There are also metal shelves that mount anywhere on tile walls. These are the Schluter Metal SHELF-W and they are installed using thin-set mortar.

Shower niches typically use preformed shelves, solid surfaces, or glass. Now there’s the Schluter Metal SHELF-N. These mount on top of tile and are super easy to use.

There are many different shapes and styles. Totally check out these shelves if you’re remodeling a tile shower because they provide storage and much needed style.

Watch our video to see how we used the SHELF-E and SHELF-W in a small curbed shower


What’s Next

If you’re building a tiled Schluter Shower we have a great video series. Start with this tutorial to see how to install a complete system.

If you’re doing a bathroom remodel and want to simplify the process enroll into the Bathroom Repair Tutor Video Library

We show how to build showers (Schluter, Wedi, Curbless, etc.), install tile, upgrade basement bathrooms, and more.

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