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Schluter Thin-Set Quick Tips

This is a Game Changer!

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The New Schluter Thin-Set

Schluter has some of the best products for waterproofing bathrooms.

And we use their systems in the bathrooms we remodel.

BUT there are always questions about the type of thin-set to use when installing DITRA, KERDI-BOARD and tile.

When we heard the new Schluter thin-set was coming out it was a HUGE deal.

Today you’ll learn what makes Schluter’s thin-sets different and how to use them.

This is a game changer!

Three Different Schluter Thin-Sets 

Schluter now has three different thin-sets.

ALL-SET is their modified thin-set that can be used under and over Schluter products.

Schluter All Set

Simply put, this is the only thin-set you need for installing Schluter products and setting tile.

Schluter SET is an unmodified thin-set.

Schluter Set

This is for setting tile on top of Schluter products.

FAST-SET is a special modified thin-set for setting both Schluter products and tile.

All the thin-sets come in either white or gray as indicated on the bag.


ALL-SET will likely be our thin-set of choice when using Schluter systems. Primarily because it can be used under and over DITRA, DITRA-HEAT and KERDI-BOARD.

You can do the same with FAST-SET but the open time is a little less. We’ll discuss open time and pot life a bit later.

What’s most important with Schluter’s thin-set is to read the directions.

I’ll repeat that…READ THE DIRECTIONS.


How to Mix Schluter Thin-Set

Each Schluter thin-set has different directions. It’s not hard to mix but a lot of folks will be tempted to eyeball the consistency.

ALL-SET and FAST-SET require 5.5 to 6.5 quarts of water for a 50lb bag.

Water for Schluter Thin-set

Schluter SET requires 6 to 7 quarts of water for a 50lb bag.

Water for Schluter Set

Pour water into a 5 gallon bucket then add the thin-set.

Water for Schluter Thin-Set

Pour Schluter Set

This prevents the thin-set from sticking to the bottom of the bucket and also cuts down on the dust.

Mix the thin-set for 5 minutes at a speed of 300 RPMs.

Mix Schluter Thin-Set

We found that the thin-set will appear a bit dry after the 5 minutes but don’t add more water.

Schluter Thin-Set Consistency

Let Schluter SET and ALL-SET sit or slake for 10 minutes.

Slake Schluter Thin-Set

This allows the thin-set to absorb the water and activate all the ingredients.

After 10 minutes you need to mix Schluter SET and ALL-SET for an additional 3 minutes.

This 5 – 10 – 3 procedure gives Schluter SET and ALL-SET the best consistency, open time and pot life.

FAST-SET can be used after mixing for 5 minutes.


Why the Different Water Ratios?

Schluter requires the thin-set to be a bit loose for it’s DITRA and DITRA-HEAT. The directions call for the thin-set to be loose yet still hold a trowel ridge.

This ensures the fleece will be 100% covered in thin-set.

Thin-set Coverage for DITRA HEAT

If you’ve never mixed thin-set for DITRA it can be a bit daunting or at least raise questions as to whether you did it right.

Now those questions are eliminated with the directions on the Schluter thin-set.

Basically you want to use the maximum amount of water when mixing Schluter thin-set for DITRA or DITRA-HEAT.

For example, if you’re using ALL-SET use close to 6.5 quarts of water with a 50lb bag. This will give you the consistency required to set DITRA or DITRA.

Schluter DITRA

On the other hand, if you’re setting tile on a shower surround you want to use the minimum amount of water, e.g. 5.5 quarts per 50lbs of thin-set.

This ratio provides a thicker thin-set that prevents tiles from sagging on vertical surfaces.

Last wall


Open Time and Pot Life for Schluter Thin-Set 

What is Open Time? It’s the time in which the thin-set will remain creamy and workable after taking it out of the bucket.

Open Time for each Schluter thin-set is as follows

Schluter Set = 2 to 4 Hours

ALL-SET = 2 to 4 Hours

FAST-SET = 30 Minutes

If the thin-set gets a bit stiff within the open time you can re-mix it. BUT don’t add any additional water…this is per the directions.

Pot Life is the time you have before the thin-set starts to skin over and become unworkable.

Here’s the Pot Life for each Schluter thin-set

Schluter SET = 20 Minutes

ALL-SET = 20 Minutes

FAST-SET = 10 Minutes

Watch our video for all the details on Schluter’s new thin-set. We’re pretty stoked to have it as an option.

The New Schluter Thin-Set


What’s Next

We highly recommend using Schluter’s new thin-set if you’re using any of their products.

Primarily because we like the consistency and the fact that you’ll get a Lifetime warranty.

Let us know if you have any questions.

Thanks for reading, watching, and being part of our awesome DIY community.


Jeff Patterson





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  1. robert karpovich says:

    Have you confused open time and pot life?

    1. Thanks Robert for asking, I rechecked my definitions for open time and pot life. Both definitions are correct as are the numbers. Thanks for asking. Did you have a specific question about either?

  2. tom farnsworth says:

    we have several bags of Set that were left over from a job last summer. Also we just bought several bags of AllSet.

    We are putting up 12 x 24 tile in a shower stall. which is the better thinset? Should we (can we) use the Set? Is it too old, or is the AllSet better prodiuct? thanks tom

  3. Mel says:

    Re: Schulter Set. Is there a powder/water ratio for mixing this in small batches?

    1. Thanks Mel for asking. For now Schluter only has instructions for mixing a whole bag. But, you could probably just cut those instructions in half to mix a half bag.

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