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Shower Bench Seat Construction

Part 1 of How to Build a Curbed Subway Tile Shower

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How to Build a Shower Bench

Shower bench seat construction begins with good framing.

If framed wrong, a shower bench can lead to water leaks.

Here’s the story:

The owner of this shower wanted a bench. But was on a budget. So we decided to customize the construction using 2×4 framing and wedi backer boards.

In a later video we’ll share how to waterproof the bench with wedi backer boards and tile it with subway tiles.

This video is Part 1 of a series of videos showing how to build a curbed subway tile shower. Don’t miss the rest of the videos, especially if you’re remodeling a bathroom.

Let’s dive in.

Starting Custom Shower Bench Seat Construction

The first step is to figure out the shower pan dimension. In this example our Wedi fundo primo shower pan was 48″ long by 36″ wide.

So we made our bench 34 3/4″ wide to allow for a slight overhang of the bench top which will be quartz. The depth of the shower bench seat was 12″.

Shower Bench Width

Also, we’re leaving the existing tile floor. We cut the tile floor to 35 1/8″ using Fein’s WSG7 angle grinder and Montolit’s CGX115 diamond blade.

Cutting Tile Floor

Be safe while using an angle grinder. Use safety glasses and a good respirator like the Sundstrom silica mask.


Framing the Shower Bench Seat

Frame the shower bench such that the 2x4s are 12″ on-center and about 20″ to 26″ high. Use a nail gun or 3″ deck screws to connect all the 2x4s.

Frame Shower Bench Seat

The shower bench should be level and plumb. Shim it if necessary before nailing it to the subfloor.

Make Shower Bench Framing Level and Plumb

Anchor the seat to studs with wood blocking if it’s between studs. And have blocking for the wedi backer board.

Also, add a 2×4 ledger to the studs behind the framing.

Ledger for Shower Bench Seat

Apply Liquid Nails to the top of the bench. Then screw a 3/4″ plywood seat to the bench.

Bench Seat

Watch our video for all the details on how to frame and build a custom shower bench seat using 2x4s.


What’s Next

The prior video shared how we removed the one-piece fiberglass shower.

And in the next video we show how to do the shower pan curb prep for the Wedi Fundo Primo shower system.

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  1. DIANE KIDDOO says:

    This was great! I was just about to start this project. You guys are the best!

    1. Thanks so much Diane!! We can’t wait to see your progress. The next tutorial after this one will show how to prep for the wedi Fundo Primo shower pan and curb. This will be a great video series and we hope it helps a lot of people.

  2. Ivan Torres says:

    Actually, I do plan to remodel my main bathroom in the near future and yes I do plan on having a bench. So this tutorial was perfect. Thx so much guys for sharing your skills.

    1. Thanks Ivan, you’ll like the next several tutorials. This was just the first one of several. The next one will share how to prep for the wedi Fundo Primo shower pan and curb. That tutorial is really important as the curb location affects the final look of the tile.

  3. Christine says:

    Hi Guys! I might be jumping ahead with my questions, but here goes: I’m wondering about how to plan for a shower door that will integrate with the bench. I was considering a bench in my remodel, but I wasn’t sure if I’d have enough room. The remodel you’re doing is the same configuration as my shower, so I can see how it is possible. Will the glass above the outside edge of the bench be sealed on to the stone top? Is water going to pool on top of the level bench?
    Thanks, Chris.

    1. Great questions Christine. We had custom glass made for the shower doors. And you’re right. The one glass panel will go over the bench such that some of the bench will rest outside the shower area that gets wet. The glass will rest in a ‘U’ channel that is bonded to the bench top and curb top with silicone. Send us an email with some pictures of your shower, we’d be happy to help.

  4. healthy buddys says:

    nice post and information thanks

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