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Shower Drain Covers: Awesome Customization

Making Showers Pretty

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by Jeff Patterson in Bathroom Plumbing, DIY Bathroom Remodel
Shower Drain Covers

Shower drain covers can be fugly.

Yes, I typed fugly.

Custom showers deserve awesome shower drains.

Something that speaks to the style of the homeowner.

But where do you find these drain covers?

And will they fit every type of shower drain?

Standard Shower Drain Covers Are Boring

Typical shower drain covers can be as boring as plain white toast with butter.

Here’s an example,

Plain Drain Cover

And when you install a custom shower it deserves a special touch of style.

One way to do that is with a designer drain like this one,

Designer Drain Cover

That drain cover is for a curbed Wedi shower we installed. It’s super easy to pop out and replace.

These custom shower drains are available for a variety of systems like Oatey, Sioux Chief, Schluter, Wedi, and more.

Plus they’re available in chrome, satin nickel, oil rubbed bronze as well as circle and square shapes.

Our video shares why you might like these custom shower drain covers


What’s Next

Designer Drains is the company from California that makes these awesome drain covers.

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Jeff Patterson

  1. HowtoBuildit says:

    What a lovely touch for the shower drain! Thank you for the great post! I’m going to try and give this a go!

  2. Awesome, these are a great way to customize any shower. Designer Drains has a ton of different options and we do carry some of the drain covers over on our online store.

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