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  1. Kyle Bard says:

    Hi Jeff,

    I have recently viewed your recent video how to remove soap scum from glass shower doors. Very informative.

    Just one question. Would cream glass stove top cleaner work? I think it would save you a couple steps without the mess.

    Avid subscriber.

    Kyle Bard

    1. Not sure Kyle, it’s worth a shot. But definitely test the glass stove top cleaner on a small, like 2×2 inch, section in case it doesn’t work out. Always good to test before trying it on a bigger surface!

      1. Betty says:

        I have found that furniture oil (not colored or stained) wiped on with a white cloth, wipes the stuff right off and it also helps repel the water afterwards.

        1. Thanks Betty for the tips!!

  2. wanda says:

    Hi Jeff, I have watched many of your videos and I have your bathroom repair tutorial. I haven’t come across the issues I am running into and would like to get your thoughts. I am trying to remodel a third floor bathroom in a 80+ year old house. I ran into concrete floors, lots of labor to remove, blown fiberglass as well as traditional fiberglass packing, and now I’m having plumbing issues. We did hire a contractor to fix some of the issues seven years ago (lol). The galvanized pipes are not in use but still in place all over the bathroom. The cooper pipes for the sink and toilet are connected with a T type copper fitting. The copper pipes are not connecting to the second floor water supply, but instead are running across the floor somewhere near the bathtub supply lines. I have not discovered exactly where because there is more flooring to be removed. Should I open up the second floor bathroom wall to connect the water lines or what would you suggest. By grace we did not have a leak in pipes in the floor because the repair person would have to tear up a concrete floor to access the pipes. Awaiting a reply.

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